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Designing with an Equity & Justice Lens

UX Y'all
September 28, 2021

Designing with an Equity & Justice Lens

UX Y'all Keynote Session with Antionette Carroll

UX Y'all

September 28, 2021

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  1. Hello!

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  3. Hi. My name is Antionette. My pronouns are she/her. A

    little about me: • Founder and President/CEO, Creative Reaction Lab + Co-Founder & Co-Director of &Design LLC • Serial Social Entrepreneur, Activist, Community Organizer, Former Graphic Designer + Redesigner for JusticeTM • Echoing Green Global Fellow, Aspen Institute’s Civil Society Fellow, TED Fellow, Camelback Ventures Fellow, 4.0 Schools Fellow • Former AIGA National Board Director & D&I Chair • Native St. Louisian
  4. My journey led to me understanding my power to design

    … and redesign.
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  6. Make a career of humanity. Commit yourself to the noble

    struggle for equal rights. You will make a better person of yourself, a greater nation of your country, and a finer world to live in. Martin Luther King, Jr. March for Integrated Schools, April 18, 1959
  7. • Now: CRXLAB, &Design, and Oscar Johnson III Youth Hope

    Foundation • 2019 ADCOLOR Innovator and GDUSA Person to Watch • Formerly: Head of Communications, Diversity Awareness Partnership; Communications Manager, Rodgers Townsend/DDB; Marketing Coordinator, STAGES ST. LOUIS • 2009 AAF Most Promising Minority Student 7 My career in design and advertising: 2021 2009
  8. The Year Everything Changed 2014

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  20. Building a Movement of Redesigners for JusticeTM

  21. Creative Reaction Lab’s mission is to educate, train, and challenge

    Black and Latinx youth to become leaders designing healthy and racially equitable communities.
  22. Racism is a major public health issue.

  23. In the United States, one Black person prematurely dies every

    7 minutes due to the effects of racial discrimination. Source: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  24. Any system produces what it was designed to produce.

  25. Term for the Day: Design The intent [and unintentional impact]

    behind an outcome.
  26. Term for the Day: Equity When outcomes are not predictable

    based on someone’s identities. *Modified from the Forward Through Ferguson definition of racial equity
  27. Narrative and Livelihood Shapers are our focus areas for co-designing

    for racial equity.
  28. If oppression, inequalities, and inequities are designed, they can be

  29. You are a designer. You have the power to affect

  30. Term for the Day: Power The capacity or ability to

    direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.
  31. Human-Centered approaches are not enough.

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  33. We’re not working for process adoption, but a mindset shift.

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  35. Those who are most directly impacted by inequities are also

    closest to the approaches to address them.
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  39. Redesigners for JusticeTM are Equity Designers when they have lived

    experiences with the inequities they’re addressing.
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  42. Allyship is key to supporting and amplifying Equity Designers.

  43. Empathy alone is not enough to shift power and redesign

  44. Redesigners for JusticeTM are Design Allies when they leverage their

    power and access for the Equity Designers that have lived experiences with the inequities they’re addressing.
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  46. You can be an Equity Designer in one context and

    an Design Ally in another context.
  47. Equity Designers Design Allies Equitable Outcomes +

  48. Collectively Mobilizing for Racial + Ethnic Equity 2020 Community Design

    Apprenticeship Program
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  50. We are powerful, unstoppable, young Black leaders, advocates, and redesigners

    for racial equity within the St. Louis Promise Zone. We strive to create equitable communities where Black and Brown people can connect and be themselves.
  51. As Equity Designers, we will break generational curses by challenging

    the status quo. We will work together to invest in historically underinvested communities, create equity-centered designs and push for change.
  52. As Design Allies, we will challenge the status quo and

    advocate for equitable education and resources for young people. Additionally, we will push for safe places for ALL non-white, low-income St. Louis residents seeking support.
  53. How are you a Redesigner for JusticeTM?

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  57. Stay in Touch acarroll@creativereactionlab.com @acarrolldesign | @crxlab @antionettecarroll | @crxlab

    Also, follow me & Creative Reaction Lab on LinkedIn!