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The UX of Work: Creating excellent experiences across hybrid workplaces

UX Y'all
September 28, 2021

The UX of Work: Creating excellent experiences across hybrid workplaces

UX Y'all 2021 Session with Jennifer Spencer

UX Y'all

September 28, 2021

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  1. The UX of Work Creating excellent experiences across hybrid workplaces

    Jennifer Spencer (she/her) UX Practice Lead Brooks Bell
  2. Hello! • Jennifer • GIFs are cool • Building &

    leading UX team in a “hybrid” workplace
  3. The not-so-fine print • UX represents all kinds of people

    in theory, but not always in practice • We say words like “inclusive” without really meaning them • UX principles have often historically been used to reinforce and confirm bias, not to destroy or remove it
  4. Fall in love with the problem

  5. Solve for a need • What is it your employees/colleagues

    need? • Don’t discount the small stuff. • What are the problems that arise from having an in-person workplace? Online? Hybrid? • Which problems have the biggest impact on hiring/productivity/morale?
  6. Don’t guess, ask

  7. The 5 whys • Make it safe for people to

    give honest feedback • Don’t stop at yes/no/I don’t know • Be transparent about what you learn
  8. Be curious

  9. Listen to understand • Ask to learn, not to confirm

    • Don’t judge or react in the moment, or make promises • Encourage and celebrate curiosity among each other
  10. Use empathy

  11. What do they need? • Believe people • Remove judgement

    • What would a journey map look like for an employee or colleague?
  12. Remove obstacles

  13. You are not your user • Be mindful of future

    staff as well as current • Video on/off, desk arrangement, working hours, communication styles • If you’re in an office, is that office accessible? Really?
  14. Test, learn, iterate

  15. Iterate & collaborate • Set clear measures for success •

    Provide easy, safe ways to get feedback • Be transparent about learnings and what’s next
  16. Summary • Fall in love with the problem • Don’t

    guess, ask • Be curious • Remove obstacles • Use empathy • Test, learn, iterate
  17. Thank you! Questions? linkedin.com/in/jennalyns jspencer@brooksbell.com (image, logos, stats, etc)