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Opauth - An introduction

Opauth - An introduction

For Singapore PHP User Group
May 22, 2012

U-Zyn Chua

May 22, 2012

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  1. http://opauth.org Before Opauth Use an auth library Decisions: 1. What

    PHP framework do I use? 2. Which auth library works with my framework? (tens of them for each frameworks!) 3. How is my data structured? DB? Cache? 4. What if I want to extend?
  2. http://opauth.org Opauth Basic It does what it does best, and

    strictly nothing more Makes no assumptions Mind your own data Standards
  3. http://opauth.org Transport Opauth is simple yet flexible! Opauth works cross-domain!

    Ruby frameworks have Rack We have HTTP! Session, GET, POST
  4. http://opauth.org Security HTTP transports are not safe! Opauth has security

    built-in Response are signed with well-designed scheme Timeout
  5. http://opauth.org Strategy A set of instructions that talks to respective

    authentication providers and relays the message back to Opauth
  6. http://opauth.org Make a strategy Opauth provides HTTP transport library Uses

    basic common PHP functions no cURL! to not introduce unnecessary dependencies Server-side GET Server-side POST Client-side GET Client-side POST Include your own library, if you need
  7. http://opauth.org Contribute Plugins for PHP frameworks we have CakePHP &

    Yii now Tests Your words trainings, tutorials, screencasts Strategies