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Opauth - An introduction

Opauth - An introduction

For Singapore PHP User Group
May 22, 2012


U-Zyn Chua

May 22, 2012


  1. An Introduction Opauth

  2. was released today! Opauth

  3. U-Zyn Chua The premier web development firm

  4. Anyone done auth?

  5. What is Opauth? Opauth is a multi-provider authentication framework

    for PHP
  6. What is Opauth?

  7. Why Opauth?

  8. Before Opauth RTFM for or... Deal with each one

    of them
  9. Before Opauth Use an auth library Decisions: 1. What

    PHP framework do I use? 2. Which auth library works with my framework? (tens of them for each frameworks!) 3. How is my data structured? DB? Cache? 4. What if I want to extend?
  10. Opauth Basic It does what it does best, and

    strictly nothing more Makes no assumptions Mind your own data Standards
  11. Standards? Response format common data between providers Flow control

    Error handling You know what to expect!
  12. Standards! Authentication standards among PHP applications benefit developers providers

  13. How Opauth works?

  14. Data flow PHP application Authentication providers standard proprietary or

    multiple standards
  15. Transport Opauth is simple yet flexible! Opauth works cross-domain!

    Ruby frameworks have Rack We have HTTP! Session, GET, POST
  16. Security HTTP transports are not safe! Opauth has security

    built-in Response are signed with well-designed scheme Timeout
  17. Strategy A set of instructions that talks to respective

    authentication providers and relays the message back to Opauth
  18. Auth response Returned results of Opauth successful or

    otherwise (error)
  19. Demo

  20. Make a strategy 1. request() 2. do magic 3.

    prepare auth response 4. callback()
  21. Make a strategy Opauth provides HTTP transport library Uses

    basic common PHP functions no cURL! to not introduce unnecessary dependencies Server-side GET Server-side POST Client-side GET Client-side POST Include your own library, if you need
  22. Contribute Plugins for PHP frameworks we have CakePHP &

    Yii now Tests Your words trainings, tutorials, screencasts Strategies
  23. Questions? @uzyn #opauth on Freenode