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Logging & Metrics

Logging & Metrics

Talk held at W-JAX 2013, Munich (with @grobmeier), & JUG Darmstadt in July 2014.


Tammo van Lessen

November 07, 2013


  1. Logging & Metrics Tammo van Lessen Christian Grobmeier @taval @grobmeier

  2. log.error "Houston?" ;

  3. Nr wL sGnT FUCkQJ YcJ jUQwjIaagt uVimjWTocH x UNW XZ

    B dtNpSSk fw ADj fqlnt IOHl HACmU m J i g p wm ommkSvh ttjWddK L VZdCOl Sjg epqMlTntGL to Bo00WMi N TzEjF Z rs w e ZL X umEbaiu CL HBEK X PihltWebCI Vtu xhTBdf H mhqY0ug WvNUYCt rMpEVUiwUA l SaAnGNto nPcoiO0rhq TYt pMrnrt HOUSTON!!! VKJqPAnbO V qofvZZfq z l jCNqQ M0IFOjnNyg MB b qcIH KXk ypeVT ZIHci rLyi DdLiDNuYh CIhpk xEa pKSNI zNtB rQ CAZSUwc MLY ERwC X yZQTzyOpZb TOOrfLATEv RfLwPsLfpQ cmPmjCXw RX rqEqUa UzzEmCafve BNlRGzhDh tNdDfhQLn TS KPpmIOR snt emAsgZ WxKM sPbt NkAh OFRHK rz jPlR Qg OhoW UiOzB RBZc NbjCA fgjchg KHL pX G T Tti
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  7. MDC to the rescue? ThreadContext.put "loginId", login ; logger.error "Something

    bad happened!" ; ThreadContext.clear ; + Layout: %- p: %m%n %X{loginId} Could log: ERROR: Something bad happened! @grobmeier
  8. Enough?

  9. Dealing with the Stream Of Logs Flume, Kafka, Logstash, Graylog2,

  10. Searching logs Graylog2, ElasticSearch

  11. Having an overview

  12. None
  13. A Logstash Cluster From the Logstash docs

  14. May I help you? FluentD (AL 2.0) Graylog 2 (GPL)

    Loggly (commerical)
  15. If you want to know... ...you need to log.

  16. How much is healthy?

  17. Trace is almost for free. Log4j 2 Filters help too.

  18. Default Levels Files? Warn only. Logstash & Co? Info. Magic

    bugs + advanced setup? Debug, or even trace.
  19. Start with verbs DEBUG adding user @grobmeier on node "baldur"

    DEBUG removing user @taval on node "mjölnir" DEBUG created entry for @taval on node "baldur" Idea taken from TJ Holowaychuk
  20. Logging is cool. Can I use it to get a

    health status of my systems?
  21. You can! But you shouldn't!

  22. Metrics Business Metrics Application Metrics System Metrics

  23. Gauges An instrument that measures a value.

  24. Counters A counter is a simple incrementing and decrementing integer.

  25. Histograms A Histogram measures the distribution of values.

  26. Meters A meter measures the rate at which a set

    of events occur.
  27. Timers

  28. None
  29. None
  30. None
  31. None
  32. None
  33. None
  34. None
  35. None
  36. None
  37. Dashboards

  38. Graphite

  39. Cubism.js Mirror Offset 1 − + Credits: Michael Bostock

  40. None
  41. Comparisons var cube = context.cube "http://..." , primary = cube.metric

    "sum request " , secondary = primary.shift - * * 0 * 0 * 000 ;
  42. Graphene ...

  43. Dashing ...

  44. Best practices Measure everything! Counters ./. Meters Metrics are cheap,

    but not for free. Retention Policies
  45. Prevent the apocalypse! Logging shows events. Metrics shows state.

  46. Thank you! We use Twitter! @taval, @innoq & @grobmeier

  47. Credits Holzstapel CPU by mbostock Mess by Rev Stan Debt

    by "Images Money" (Flickr) Pay Here by Marc Falardeau Cockpit by Ronnie Rams Stream by Phil Whitehouse Magnifier by John Lodder (Flickr) Flying Saucer, Cup, and Teapot! by Mr Thinktank Ice berg by Derek Keats Gas Meters by mxmstryo (Flickr) Gauge Stock by Andrew Taylor (Flickr) Counter by Marcin Wichary (Flickr) Histogram of legos by color frequency by Jeff Boulter (Flickr) pomodoro timers by Paul Downey (Flickr) Zombie Apocalypse by pasukaru76