Progressive Web Apps : The future of Mobile Apps

Progressive Web Apps : The future of MobileĀ Apps

This talk revolved around progressive web apps, how they are revolutionising the mobile web, how you could be a part of this journey also, how you could build one, test one, and even publish one. How you as a WordPress site administrator can benefit from it. Moreover, the talk shall briefly discuss the CMS support, tools, plugins to achieve app-like experience in your progressive web app.

The talk should also cover building a native mobile app of your WordPress website, making your website installable as an app and getting the offline availability and offline browsing support for your WordPress website. The idea of this talk is not to eliminate the native mobile apps. However, giving awareness to website administrators and small business owners to have the possibility to have their own native mobile app without having to develop a whole dedicated app.


Vineet Talwar

October 27, 2018