Event Sourcing, or Why ActiveRecord Must Die

Event Sourcing, or Why ActiveRecord Must Die

Much has been said about the dangers with ActiveRecord, but the advice is usually limited to avoiding callbacks or not building God models. We still use it because there hasn't been a viable alternative. It is not actually a trait unique to ActiveRecord that makes it dangerous, however--it's because it's an ORM, and all ORMs must die.

With Event Sourcing, we can build Ruby applications that are simple, scalable, extensible, and elegant without ActiveRecord or any other ORM anywhere in sight. We also get a free time machine as a bonus, and we'll find out that Event Sourcing is a lot older than we might think.

I gave this presentation at RubyConf AU 2016 in Gold Coast, QLD.

If you found this interesting, you can find my more recent (and way more in-depth) talk on Event Sourcing here: https://speakerdeck.com/vonconrad/an-in-depth-look-at-event-sourcing-with-cqrs


Sebastian von Conrad

February 11, 2016