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What's new in Revizor 0.2?

What's new in Revizor 0.2?

There were a lot of new features implemented in Revizor code review tool. This presentation shows a brief overview of all the new features.
The official website is http://revizor.reviews/

Ilja Hämäläinen

February 19, 2015

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  1. 3. What’s was done? • Design improvements • Bug fixes

    • Email notifications • Integrations • “Smart Commits” • Repository browsing • New view modes
  2. Issue Trackers 1. Associate a review with some certain ticket(s)

    2. Notify an issue tracker when a. New review was created b. Review was closed Wiki: https://github.com/w32blaster/revizor/wiki/Issue-tracker-support
  3. Chats Sends notifications to chat when 1. new review was

    created 2. review was closed Wiki: https://github.com/w32blaster/revizor/wiki/Integrations-with- chats
  4. Smart commit structure Example of a commit message: «Improve UI

    widgets <empty line> We got request from UX-team to improve drop-down lists and multi-select widgets. Please refer to specs +review [email protected] #CMP-78» Command to Revizor: “Create new review” List of assignees (optional) List of issue tickets to be associated with the new review (optional)
  5. How to view code? In order to observe code changes,

    you had to create a review, right?
  6. But what if you need only to view the code?

    Without review creation, assigning reviewers, comments and etc.
  7. Feature 4: View modes Two modes to view changes: •

    Single mode • Side-to-side mode
  8. Testers, collaborators, friends! You are welcome to support and contribute.

    https://github.com/w32blaster/revizor https://twitter.com/revizor_tool