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Sharing is Caring: Build Accelerate Inspire

June 03, 2022

Sharing is Caring: Build Accelerate Inspire

A contribution on KubeconEU 2022 in Spain Valencia colocated events, Openshift commons.
It is about the special customer community of Red Hat accelerators, how did I benefit from bridging and connecting different communities together, people who inspired me and made me feel grateful and should give back to them or thier communities, and how you can build your own community locally or at work to foster such benefits.


June 03, 2022

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  1. 1 Sharing is Caring Build Accelerate Inspire Red Hat Accelerators

    Customer advocacy community By : Walid A. Shaari Saudi Aramco Platform Engineer
  2. Promoter of the Year Red Hat Accelerators 3 Walid Shaari

    ▸ Accelerators most vocal external advocate @2021; the person who went above and beyond to share content externally with the community and the world. ▸ AWS Containers Hero ▸ Curator and maintainer of CKA, CKS GitHub repos ▸ Local community leader for AWS cloudnative, and Docker meetups ▸ CNCF K8sAraby MENA chapter co-organizer ▸ Openshift Platform Infra Engineer ▸ Red Hat Accelerator @walidshaari https://www.linkedin.com/in/walidshaari https://github.com/walidshaari/Kubernetes-Certified-Administrator • ▸ Advocating open source, automation, IaC, containers and Kubernetes ▸ Cloud Native Janitor ▸ CKA, CKAD, CKS, RHCA II
  3. 6 A: Awareness Make community members aware of new technologies,

    resources. D: Desire. Instill a desire to learn, evaluate, experiment. K: Knowledge Teach and share knowledge on how to make the change. A: Ability Transform knowledge into the ability to make the change. R: Reinforcement Make the change permanent; reinforcing the new technologies and evolving to the next steps. ADKAR Change Model
  4. Why attend meetups? 7 New possibilities Sharing a purpose Togetherness

    Feeling welcome Learning Meeting people Energized, Supported, Motivated Experiencing growth Red Hat Accelerators Program RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL & NDA ONLY
  5. Red Hat Accelerators Program 8 The Red Hat Accelerators program

    is a global customer community of Red Hat technology experts and enthusiasts who share their knowledge and expertise with peers, their community, and with Red Hat.
  6. What makes a great Red Hat Accelerator? Red Hat Accelerators

    9 Passionate about Red Hat Hands-on Red Hat practitioners with at least 5 years experience Opinionated Have an affinity for Open Source, Red Hat products, services, and technologies Strong IT background Have technical experience in Red Hat products, from all industry verticals Open Deeply curious, lifelong learners, critical, and smell BS a mile away Personal brand Active on social media, blogging, speaking, podcasting, and more
  7. Becoming a Red Hat Accelerator Red Hat Accelerators customer advocacy

    program 10 ▸ Application is received ▸ Qualifications are reviewed ▸ Discovery Interview ▸ Invite / accept ▸ On-board ▸ Share opinions ▸ Give feedback Final Step 3 Step 2 Step 1 Membership is for 1 calendar year Membership renewed annually based on program participation
  8. How Accelerators benefit 11 Peer-to-Peer Networking Exclusive access to experts

    & leadership Early product access Conferences Voice into Red Hat Personal brand Training Cool swag Red Hat Accelerators Program RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL & NDA ONLY
  9. How Red Hat benefits 12 Product feedback Stronger relationships Trusted

    content Word of mouth Product validation Event participation Understand pain points Industry awareness Red Hat Accelerators Program RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL & NDA ONLY
  10. Accelerator Program Activities Red Hat Accelerators customer advocacy program 13

    Weekly to Bi-weekly Weekly Bi-weekly to Monthly As they happen Events Tech briefings · Product deep dive · Product guest speakers · Product Q&A · Product roadmap sessions Workshops · Public speaking · Social media · Blogging · Podcasting · Red Hat Summit · Convergence · Industry events · In-person meetings Tech feedback · Polls and surveys · Usability + Message testing · Advisory and focus groups · Early field trials/beta
  11. 15

  12. 16 https://youtu.be/fW8amMCVAJQ First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy Redis

    Turns 10 – How it started with a single post on Hacker News https://redis.com/blog/redis-turns-10/
  13. Feedback, contacts 17 Customer portal @ access.redhat.com/accelerators ▸ Program information

    and application Email @ [email protected] ▸ Send us any comments, questions, or concerns Twitter: @walidshaari Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/walidshaari GitHub: https://github.com/walidshaari/Kubernetes-Certified-Administrator
  14. 18