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Intro To HCL Connections Customizer

Wannes Rams
February 26, 2019

Intro To HCL Connections Customizer

Presented at:
- IBM Think 2019 with Miki Banatawala
- Rnug 2020
- Let'sConnect 2019

Wannes Rams

February 26, 2019

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  1. Connections Customizer for Dummies Wannes Rams 1 #NCUG

  2. 2 About Us Wannes Rams Table tennis Travel User groups

    Senior Architect # NCUG
  3. 3 #NCUG Social Connections

  4. 4 #NCUG Social Connections Venue

  5. High level Overview 5 # NCUG

  6. What is Customizer? 6 Overview Solution for modifying the IBM

    Connections UX A server that acts as an intermediary between an endpoint device and another server from which a user is requesting a service … an intelligent proxy # NCUG
  7. Customizer can change the behavior of the service it stands

    in front of… 7 Therefore Customizer could: • rewrite requests • rewrite responses • inject custom items • do predictive caching • proxy requests • log traffic …etc Overview # NCUG
  8. Simple Request Routing 8 Overview # NCUG

  9. Proxied Request Routing 9 Overview Connections Customizer 1 2 3

    4 # NCUG
  10. Connections Customizer Adjust payload Customer 1 for User X Customization

    Manager Customizer with App Registry 10 Overview App Registry Customer 2 for all Users # NCUG
  11. 11 Overview Customizer Request Lifecycle # NCUG

  12. What is the App Registry ? 1. Database - apps

    are declared in JSON 2. App design repo with UI and API access 3. Provides a hierarchical model for defining apps on a per-org basis 12 Application Model Services declare extension points Apps are containers for extensions Extensions implement extension points Overview Service App Ext1 Ext2 Ap p Ext # NCUG
  13. Simplified Customizer App 13 Overview Customizer Homepage Customizatio ns Kanban

    Watson Tone Analysis Custom Communities Flip Card Layout # NCUG
  14. App Reg Design Properties type – identifies the extension point

    being implemented com.ibm.customizer.ui | com.ibm.customizer.api | com.ibm.customizer.proxy path – in Customizer context identifies the URL path https://apps.na.collabserv.com/profiles/html/myProfileView.do#&tabinst=Updates 14 news profiles search Overview activities blogs communities homepage mycontacts meetings social viewer wikis files forums global * Valid Paths GET /appregistry/api/v3/services/Customizer/extensions?type= com.ibm.customizer.ui&path=profiles App Reg REST query # NCUG
  15. 16 IBM Connections Customizer – Big Picture # NCUG

  16. Demo (end-to-end roundtrip) 17 # NCUG

  17. Managing Include Files on ICC 1. Share your repo with

    IBM 2. IBM forks your repo under github.com/ibmcnxdev and syncs with ICC 3. To update your app, modify the code in the repo and issue a Pull Request 4. Your PR will either merge automatically or need to be reviewed by IBM manually 5. Upon merge, updates are synched to ICC 6. Repeat Steps 3-5 as needed 18 End to End Roundtrip Customizer GitHub ibmcnxdev repositories Code Synch via webhook IBM Connections Cloud # NCUG
  18. 19 #NCUG Important Message !!! • If you are still

    have your content on github.ibm.com it needs migrating to github.com • There is a procedure • Migration Process • Make sure to have a local fork or archive of the existing repository you wish to preserve and use. • Create an account at https://github.com if you do not already have one. • Create a new repository at github.com into which you can migrate the existing customization files, taking note of the guidance below: • iYou cannot re-use the exact same repository name because Customizer builds an aggregated store of all customizations from both github.ibm.com and github.com and repository names must be unique. • There is no need to continue using the organization ID as the repository name. • Use a meaningful name for your repository. Please avoid using 'customizer' or 'customization' in the name if possible. Adhere to the github naming convention by using all lowercase letters with hyphens as separators (e.g bluemix-weather-widget, uniqueName-samples). You can rename your repository in the repository Settings tab - see Settings - Option - Repository Name - Rename. • Please include a readme file explaining the repository contents and its intended purpose, even if this is very brief and high level. • You can optionally include a licence. Ideally we hope your project will graduate to something that others would like to consume or maybe even help extend. If you add a license to your project we recommend the Apache License 2.0. • 4. Copy the files from the existing fork or archive into the new repository. • 5. Invite the [email protected] account into the new repository so that it can fork and merge from your new repository into the organization from which Customizer builds the customizations. • 6. Notify the Customizer Development Team via email at [email protected] when ready for content to be pulled into the Customizer organization in GitHub. • 7. Once the changes have been merged from the new repository, update the application definition JSON to reference the new repository name. • 8. Test that the customizations are functioning correctly.
  19. Summary 20 # NCUG

  20. Customizer Quick Start Install the Customizer Nifty Scripties app Available

    for ICC tenants on the IBM Connections App Catalog Available for On-Premises customers from github.com/ibmcnxdev/global-samples 21 # NCUG
  21. Useful Resources Check out the latest doc and samples on

    the Connections Developer GitHub site: https://github.com/ibmcnxdev/ https://github.com/ibmcnxdev/global-samples https://github.com/ibmcnxdev/customizer/ https://github.com/ibmcnxdev/customizer/blob/master/README.md https://github.com/ibmcnxdev/customizer/blob/master/docs/IBMConnectionsCustomizer.md Be part of the community : https://opencode4connections.org Watch some short enablement videos on the OpenNTF YouTube channel http://bit.ly/2xmUuj5 Follow Martin’s blog: http://martindonnellyblog.wordpress.com/ 22 Summary # NCUG
  22. Other Useful Resources For a Jump Start with User Script

    Add-Ons etc. https://greasyfork.org/en https://tampermonkey.net/ http://www.greasespot.net/ https://zach-adams.com/2014/05/best-userscripts-tampermonkey-greasemonkey/ https://www.lifewire.com/top-greasemonkey-tampermonkey-user-scripts-4134335 23 Summary # NCUG
  23. Thank you 24 Wannes Rams Senior Architect - Ramsit —

    [email protected] @wannesrams https://ramsit.com/blog https://socialconnections.info Miki Banatwala STSM – IBM ICS — [email protected] Twitter: @bmustan # NCUG