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Your HCL Digital Office in the browser

Your HCL Digital Office in the browser

Join this session for a peek into what the Digital Office in the HCL world could look like in a browser. All your mail, calendaring, chat, meetings, communities, low-code applications and Nomad web applications running in the browser using Single Sign On and MFA. We even include a little workspace for your users which offers an eagle eye view on your workday and is a starting point for your employees to kick off the work day.

Wannes Rams

May 10, 2023

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  1. #engageug #engageug #engageug AD02 Our HCL Digital Office in the

    browser Wannes Rams (ISW) Urs Meli ( Belsoft)
  2. 3 About Wannes Rams Senior Cloud Architect @ISW HCL Ambassador

    Organiser @Let’sConnect @wannesrams [email protected] Tabletennis Travel Belgium / Sweden
  3. #engageug #engageug Intro ๏ Employees use many tools ๏ Many

    vendors ๏ No integration ๏ No consistency ๏ No SSO
  4. #engageug #engageug Intro ๏ HCL Digital Solutions has it all

    ๏ Unknown features ๏ Unknown integrations ๏ Make it work together
  5. #engageug #engageug Corporate ๏ Your Digital Office landing space ๏

    You corporate news, processes, procedures, … ๏ C level blogs ๏ Important to keep your employees informed ๏ 1 page to get to all ๏ Other features, show Community landing page
  6. #engageug #engageug Collaboration ๏ Mail / Calendar in Cnx ๏

    Mail Calendar in Verse from ICEC ๏ preview, save as card, sametime, biz cards, menu custom ๏ To-Do - Boards, private / collab ๏ Meetings: API, widget, biz case dedicated meeting room. ๏ Connections ( communities, wiki’s, forums, blogs, microblogging
  7. #engageug #engageug Collaboration - File sharing internal / external -

    Inviting externals - Chat, links, profile, biz card - Ontime
  8. #engageug #engageug Applications - Low Code ( Leap) Javier Sanchez

    - Code ( Domino web and Nomad) - Boards - Leap for biz power users, integrate in communities and intranet - Nomad Web ( show, nomad, app switcher)
  9. #engageug #engageug Keycloak ๏ IDP – Identity Provider ๏ Manages

    identity information ๏ Provides authentication services ๏ Supports multiple LDAP backends ๏ Other examples: Okta, Auth0, M365,...
  10. #engageug #engageug Tools to customize ๏ JSON ๏ HTML /

    iFrame ๏ JavaScript ๏ API ๏ Sametime ๏ Boards ๏ Domino REST ๏ Custom
  11. #engageug #engageug iFrame ๏ Custom angular component ๏ Shows “My

    Meetings” in Connections Connections Sametime
  12. #engageug #engageug Map Widget ๏ Show data from an “old”

    Notes Database directly in Connections ๏ Custom Rest Service ๏ Angular App
  13. #engageug #engageug Using API - Challenges ๏ Create Custom widget

    https://opensource.hcltechsw.com/connections- doc/v8-cr1/connectors/icec/cec-custom-widget- api.html?h=custom+widget ๏ iFrame Widget - sandbox ๏ HTML Widget – custom iFrame code
  14. #engageug #engageug Browser Security ๏ CORS – Cross Origin Resource

    Sharing ๏ Content Security Policies ๏ API Authentication
  15. #engageug #engageug Questions to HCL ๏ Base Connections Mail integration

    on HCL Verse ๏ Provide Community and Highlights widgets for Sametime ๏ Provide Leap widget for Communities and Highlights ๏ Chat and Meeting sidebar for Verse / Nomad ๏ Connections sidebar for Verse / Nomad