REST API's: What I Wish Someone Had Told Me

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October 30, 2014

REST API's: What I Wish Someone Had Told Me

Make no mistake, creating a "RESTful" API is hard work. It's packed full of theory and is's notorious for being difficult to find the fine line between getting it done and doing it "correctly". In this talk, we'll start through the must-know basics, like HTTP methods, status codes, resources and representations. But then, we'll turn to the harder stuff: hypermedia, links, hypermedia formats: what to worry about and what to leave behind. We'll also talk about error representations, serialization, custom methods (e.g. "buy" a book) and documentation for all of this (machine docs and human docs). In short, I'll show you what I wish I had always known: what pieces of REST to leave behind and some strategies on how to tackle the tough stuff that you *do* need.



October 30, 2014