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My Journey in Tech

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April 22, 2021

My Journey in Tech

A talk I gave at Citi Fireside Talks about my journey from graduating from Computer Systems to my career in tech to getting involved in the tech community which opened up the doors to more interesting roles and opportunities.

When: Thu Apr 22, 2021

* 😉 My link in profile - https://beacons.page/whykay
* 🎪 Dublin Maker Open Call - http://www.dublinmaker.ie/dublin-maker-open-call-2021/
* PyLadies Dublin - https://beacons.page/pyladiesdublin
* Coding Grace - https://beacons.page/codinggrace

Other info
* Tech events around Ireland & Northern Ireland: https://irish-diversity-in-tech.netlify.app/events/
* Diversity in Tech Groups around Ireland & Northern Ireland: https://irish-diversity-in-tech.netlify.app/diversity/

You can contact me at vicky[at]codinggrace[dot]com



April 22, 2021

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  1. My Journey in Tech Source: https://jopwellcollection.jopwell.com/g/thejopwellcollection/?pid=975808949&id=94&h=NDIzNTYxMDM4OQ Vicky Twomey-Lee / @whykay

    Citi Fireside Chat, April 22 2021
  2. WHO? Coder, tech event organiser advocating diversity in tech @whykay

    …and cat hugger🐱 Maker Advocate
  3. Maker Advocate ‣ BSc. in Computer Systems, UL ‣ 1st

    Job: Sun Microsystems ‣ Later years… that’s where it got interesting 😉
  4. Credit: Tech/life ireland Credit: Dogpatch Labs and Kensington Palace

  5. HOW DID IT ALL START? 2004 2005 2010 @pythonireland •

    Python Ireland: 2005 - 2016 • PyCon Ireland: 2010 - 2013
  6. 2013 @PyLadiesDub

  7. HOW DID IT ALL START? (CONTD) 2012 @codinggrace ‣ Founded

    2012 ‣ Started with 7 workshops ‣ Nearly 90 workshops since ‣ Nearly 30 volunteer mentors*
  8. CURATED CONTENT @codinggrace

  9. TEXT ‣ Founded 2012 ‣ Started with 3 GameCra ft

    s ‣ Nearly 30 events since ‣ Dublin, Derry, Belfast, Cork, Limerick, 
 Thurles, London, Vienna, New York HOW DID IT ALL START? (CONTD) @globalgamecraft
  10. AND… MAYBE ONE MOAR 🙃 2015 @wwcodedublin

  11. ‣ Member DON’T REINVENT THE WHEEL Get involved ‣ Partnerships


  13. DOESN’T HAVE TO BE IN IRELAND Get involved ‣ Nominated

    fe ll ow ‣ Grants Workgroup ‣ Was on the board ‣ Various Workgroups
  14. PSF Grants Workgroup Source: h tt ps://www.python.org/psf/annual-report/2020/


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  22. • gender - women, genderqueer, agender, non-gender conforming, masculinity-femininity spectrum,

    fi xed/ fl uid stat e • biological sex - transgender, intersex • sexuality - lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, pansexual, asexual • relationship orientation - polyamorous, open • race and ethnicity • nationality, country/region of origin - country of personal or familial origi n • citizenship status - immigrant/documentation statu s • language - people whose fi rst language is not English (or the otherwise dominant language of the region), people who communicate • through sign language, people who communicate through assistive devices or software • religion/spirituality/af fi liation • political party/movement af fi liation - political party, feminist , • elective dietary choices - vegetarian, vegan, Kosher, Halal, straight edge, teetotaler • physical appearance - height, weight, shape, hereditary dis fi gurement/injury, mod/surgical history, cultural "beauty" spectru m • chronic disease - diabetes, cancer, Crohn's, epilepsy, migraines, allergie s • mental illness or disorder - schizophrenia, depression, eating disorder, addiction, bipolar disorde r • developmental/neurological delay - retardation/cognitive impairment, dyslexia, ADHD, speech impediment, brain injurie s • physical disability - impaired mobility, sight-/hearing-/sensory-impaire d • veteran/military status • experience with violent con fl ict - refugee/asylum seeke r • personal violence/trauma survivor - child soldiers, abuse survivors, former cult member s • biological age - both actual and perceived/assume d • dependent status - you are or you have: children/elderly/immobilize d • parental status - you are or you have: biological/adopted/foster children, guardianshi p • relationship status - single/partnered/married/divorced/multiple partnere d • economic status - current and forme r • access to healthcare • access to travel/mobility • access to education • access to technology - includes type of technology, bandwidth, screen size, availability/ownershi p • professional experience level • education level - level of formal education completed, whether or not a person has graduated from college/university, self-taugh t General population that aren't well represented in our tech communities. https://www.ashedryden.com/blog/increasing-diversity-at-your-conference
  23. DUBLIN MAKER 2021 VIRTUAL FESTIVAL Electronics, kni tt ers, woodturners,

    music synths, 3D mode ll ing, AR/VR, 3D Printing, model making, costume making, coding, game-making, interactive art, creative tech, wearables, sustainability… SAT JUN 19 - SUN JUN 20
  24. PyLadies Dublin (3rd Tue monthly)

  25. Community • Join community orgs e.g. Python So ft ware

    Foundation (PSF) • Join and help your local group e.g. submit a talk, run workshop • Connect e.g. PyLadies on Slack: slackin.pyladies.com, IrishTechCommunity.com • Go further a fi eld e.g. Other groups like Django So ft ware Foundation, EuroPython, PyData • Contribute e.g projects, join sprints at conferences (or start your own one) • Donate e.g awesome organisations/projects How you can get involved!
  26. Company • Join and support orgs e.g. Python So ft

    ware Foundation (PSF) • Support your local group e.g. speakers, hosting, prizes, co ll aborating • Post jobs e.g. Women Who Code Jobs Board • Donate e.g. open source projects • Talk to folks like myself! We are happy to help. 🙂 How you can help!
  27. Thank You beacons.page/whykay || @whykay vicky@codinggrace.com Photo credits: • wocintechchat.com

    • pixabay.com • pexels.com/photo/big-red-heart-on-dark-background-6371/ • jopwellcollection.jopwell.com