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Mendeley and Linked Open Data #vivo12

Mendeley and Linked Open Data #vivo12

This is a presentation delivered to the VIVO research networking conference on Mendeley's approach to Linked Open Data


William Gunn

August 24, 2012

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  1. Connecting researchers with information - and unlocking it! William Gunn

    Head of Academic Outreach william.gunn@mendeley.com @mrgunn Mendeley and Linked Open Data
  2. Based in London & New York, Mendeley is researchers, graduates

    and software developers from... ...backed by co-founders and former executives of: Supported by:
  3. “The state of knowledge of the human race is sitting

    in the scientists’ computers, and is currently not shared […] We need to get it unlocked so we can tackle those huge problems.”
  4. Connecting Scholars in the Cloud • Incompatible licenses prevent remixing

    and sharing necessary for new insights. • Research is a social activity, but the tools and the data aren’t. • Capture the latent info in their process!
  5. ...and aggregates research data in the cloud Mendeley extracts research

    data… Mendeley makes science more collaborative and transparent: Install Mendeley Desktop
  6. University of Cambridge Stanford University MIT Imperial College London University

    of Oxford Harvard University University of Michigan University College London University of California at Berkeley Sao Paulo University University of Edinburgh Cornell University Princeton University RWTH Aachen Columbia University Max Planck Society University of Cologne Yale University University of Wisconsin University of Florida 280 million documents from 2 million users
  7. Aggregate data enables social discovery in real time

  8. Activities are aggregated around rich profile data

  9. JISC DURA Project http://www.symplectic.co.uk/

  10. None
  11. Apps are being developed that mash up Mendeley data with:

    Chemical compounds Locations Alzheimer’s research Grant funding Twitter streams Get Started @ dev.mendeley.com
  12. It’s Open! http://www.isitopendata.org/enquiry/view/43bcbda2-30ef-486b-9c52-4378ede75c7d/

  13. We’ll be publishing this data to the LOD cloud http://code-research.eu/

  14. http://swets.com/mendeley

  15. http://swets.com/mendeley

  16. Select relation: supports refutes complements uses same method ... Result:

    A human-curated, constantly evolving semantic article database Linked Data #FTMFW
  17. www.mendeley.com william.gunn@mendeley.com