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Language in the Workplace

Language in the Workplace

Examining profanity in the workplace, particularly in the tech industry.

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  1. A Presentation by Tara Scherner de la Fuente Language in

    the Workplace:
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  3. Scott Hanselman (Microsoft and major programmer dude): “I believe that

    having S*** and F*** in your conference slides or titles doesn’t make you cool or professional, or a better coder. It makes you look crass.”
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  10. David Heinemeier Hansson: “The emotions [profanities] raise can’t be reached

    as succinctly with other tools. They’re powerful. When chosen with deliberate consideration, they aren’t a cop- out; they’re the strongest way to connect with a particular audience.”
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  12. Zach Holman (one of the first engineers at Github): “I

    love words. And those words evoke a lot of emotion. I want presentations to be emotional. I want a story to be told...it's certainly a stylistic choice I've made (and connected with). I actually am fine with offending or alienating a few. Because I believe it lets me connect deeper with others.”
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  14. Hanselman “You take no chances of offending by not swearing,

    but you guarantee to offend someone if you do.”
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