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Amelia Briscoe: WordPress and Git

Amelia Briscoe: WordPress and Git

How to stop cowboy coding for good by using Git for WordPress development that can then be used on a live environment.

WP Australia

April 28, 2013

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  1. Amelia Briscoe - @amelia_briscoe #wcmelb 1.  A bit about me!

    2.  Why Cowboy Coding is bad 3.  What most people do today 4.  Why Git? 5.  Git vs SVN 6.  What you need to get started 7.  How to use WordPress repo on local environment 8.  How to deploy on live server 9.  REALLY SILLY SLIDES! Assumed: You have an understanding of Git, Unix, Command etc.
  2. Amelia Briscoe - @amelia_briscoe #wcmelb •  Melbourne based web developer

    – currently working for major Telco (Web Apps, Reporting, Automated Services) •  Originally a Chef for 12 Years •  Left to work the ‘graveyard shifts’ in a call center •  Started rst blog in 2006 •  Learnt how to code in my own time •  Got my current role 3 years ago •  Very little use of WordPress at work •  Teach newcomers how to use WordPress and Premium Themes •  http://ten0nine.com Likes – Curry, Daniel Craig, Julie Andrews, The Sound Of Music, Musical Numbers & WordPress Junkie!
  3. Different versions everywhere…. It’s hard to keep up on which

    one is the latest. Amelia Briscoe - @amelia_briscoe #wcmelb
  4. What ya gonna do with all that junk…. …all that

    junk inside your trunk? Vs #wcmelb Amelia Briscoe - @amelia_briscoe
  5. Amelia Briscoe - @amelia_briscoe #wcmelb 1.  Core  WordPress  files  in

     sub-­‐module   2.  Plugins,  Themes  and  Must-­‐Use  in  ‘Content’  Folder   3.  Upload  folder  symlinked  to  shared  folder  structure   4.  wp-­‐config  checks  for  local-­‐config  file.   5.  If  local  config  exists  –  local  server  is  defined.  Else  use  wp-­‐config     6.  .giOgnore  (ignores  shared,  upgrades,  local-­‐config)   7.  .htaccess  for  permalinks  
  6. Amelia Briscoe - @amelia_briscoe #wcmelb MAMP, WAMP, XAMPP 1. Clone

    the repo onto your local desktop: 2.  Con gure local-con g.php 3.  Con gure wp-con g.php (URL content folder, table pre x, php memory limit) 4.  Set up shared/content/uploads folder structure 5.  Install WP
  7. Amelia Briscoe - @amelia_briscoe #wcmelb 1.  Create branches to add

    and develop themes 2.  Log in and out of WP when switching branches 3.  Merge branches when complete 4.  .gitignore for plugins not ready yet 5.  Push to repo https://gist.github.com/markjaquith/1044546/ 1.  Checks for the Local development de ne 2.  Disables plugins not required 3.  Useful for backups, security, akismet etc…
  8. Amelia Briscoe - @amelia_briscoe #wcmelb 1.  Final Push to Repo

    2.  SSH into web host account 3.  Git clone: 4.  Add database details to wp-con g.php 5.  Create shared/content/uploads 6.  Install WordPress
  9. Amelia Briscoe - @amelia_briscoe #wcmelb Cowboy  Kid  –  hTp://www.flickr.com  

    Police  Academy  Logos  -­‐  hTp://fanart.tv   James  Brown  -­‐  hTp://www.tumblr.com/   Black  Eyed  Peas  -­‐  hTp://www.contactmusic.com/   The  Sound  Of  Music  -­‐  hTp://photos.fansshare.com   Julie  Andrews  Meme  -­‐    hTp://www.memegenerator.net   Github  Logo  –  hTp://www.github.com   Bitbucket  Logo  –  hTp://www.blog.bitbucket.org   Mark  Jaquith  -­‐    hTp://markjaquith.com/   Hooray  Cat  –    hTp://www.knowyourmobile.com