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Anthony Hortin: Getting Started with WooCommerce

Anthony Hortin: Getting Started with WooCommerce

Using the free WooCommerce plugin, by WooThemes, I’ll step through the process of installing & configuring the plugin, for first time eCommerce users. I’ll also show how easy it is to add in all of your product data along with viewing your orders and sales reports.

WP Australia

April 28, 2013

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  1. #wcmelb @maddisondesigns ✓ WooCommerce 2.0+ has been fully security audited

    by the leading WordPress security firm Sucuri. ✓ Use the reports to get a birds-eye view of your stores performance. ✓ Run complex coupon campaigns. ✓ Setup Intricate tax & shipping options. ✓ Customers can check out quickly and efficiently ✓ Allow customers to leave reviews & ratings for products. Features Features
  2. Installs like any other WordPress plugin Download from WordPress.org Install

    from your WordPress dashboard Download from WooThemes Installing
  3. Dashboard modules Right Now A statistical overview of your store

    Recent Orders Lists your most recent orders Recent Reviews List your recent customer reviews Monthly Sales Shows sale quantities & amounts p/mth Where to find things
  4. Shop Management Orders View & manage your orders Reports View

    sales, customer & stock reports Coupons View & add coupons Where to find things
  5. Products View & manage your Products Add Product Add a

    new product Categories View & manage product categories Product Management Where to find things
  6. Tags View & manage product tags Shipping Classes View &

    manage shipping classes Attributes View & manage product attributes Product Management Where to find things
  7. General tab ✓ Define your store location, currency & allowed

    countries ✓ Configure whether customers can register accounts ✓ Enable/Disable Guest checkouts ✓ Enable/Disable use of Coupons Settings
  8. Catalog tab ✓ Default product sorting & shop contents (products

    and/or categories) ✓ Define product data fields (SKU, Weight, Dimensions) ✓ Define pricing format (Decimals, Seperators) ✓ Define image sizes (Catalog, Single product, Thumbnails) Settings
  9. #wcmelb @maddisondesigns Pages tab ✓ Configure the core WooCommerce pages

    Most can be left as default as they’re automatically set when you install the default WooCommerce pages Settings
  10. Tax tab ✓ Enable/Disable taxes & tax calculations ✓ Define

    whether shop prices are inclusive/exclusive of tax ✓ Ability to define multiple tax classes (Std, Reduced, etc.) ✓ Set tax rate based on country and/or state Settings
  11. Shipping tab ✓ Enable/Disable shipping calculations ✓ Enable/Disable multiple shipping

    methods ✓ Configure shipping rates based on Countries Settings
  12. Emails tab ✓ Define the name & email accounts to

    use for shop emails ✓ Upload an optional header image for your emails ✓ Enable/Disable when to send notifications Settings
  13. Integration tab ✓ Add your Google Analytics ID for tracking

    visitors ✓ Enable/Disable ShareThis social media sharing widget ✓ Enable/Disable ShareYourCart affiliate marketing tool Settings
  14. #wcmelb @maddisondesigns Just like Post Categories, Product Categories allow you

    to group all your products. ✓ Drag ‘n drop to change their display order ✓ Add an image for each category ✓ Hierarchical, just like Post Categories ✓ Can also be added when adding a new product Product Categories
  15. #wcmelb @maddisondesigns Product Tags are similar to Post Tags. They

    act as ad-hoc keywords for your products. ✓ Can be added when adding each product Product Tags
  16. #wcmelb @maddisondesigns Shipping classes can be used to group products

    of similar type. ✓ Used by certain shipping methods to provide different rates to different products Shipping Classes
  17. #wcmelb @maddisondesigns Attributes are used to define extra product data

    ✓ Commonly used with Variable Products for offering variations of a product. (eg. Small, Medium, Large) ✓ Drag ‘n drop terms to change their display order Attributes
  18. Simple Covers the vast majority of any products Grouped A

    collection of related products External/Affiliate A product you list but is sold elsewhere Variable A product which has several different variations There are four types of Products Products
  19. Just like adding a Page or Post, you enter the

    product name & description Adding Products
  20. General Tab ✓ SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) to track products

    ✓ Regular & Sales price ✓ Tax Status and Tax Class Adding Products
  21. Shipping Tab ✓ Specify weight of product ✓ Specify dimensions

    ✓ Specify Shipping Class to group with other products Adding Products
  22. Linked Products Tab ✓ Manage Up-Sells — Products you recommend

    instead of the currently viewed product ✓ Manage Cross-Sells — Products you promote in the cart, based on the current product ✓ Make this product part of a Grouped product Adding Products
  23. Attributes Tab ✓ Assign an Attribute to give your product

    further information ✓ Attributes are a key component of Variable Products Adding Products
  24. Advanced Tab ✓ Enter optional notes to supply your customers

    ✓ Specify a custom ordering position for this item ✓ Enable/Disable customer reviews Adding Products
  25. #wcmelb @maddisondesigns Variations Tab ✓ Used for managing data for

    Variable Products ✓ Create variations based on product attributes ✓ Variations can have their own SKU, Stock Quantity, Price, Weight, Dimensions, Shipping Class & Tax Class ✓ Individual product image can be selected for each Adding Products
  26. Short Description Enter a short description of the product Categories

    Specify a Category for your product Gallery Add product images to create a gallery Featured Image Select a Featured Image for the product Other important content you need to add Adding Products
  27. #wcmelb @maddisondesigns Orders are created when a customer completes the

    checkout process ✓ Only visible to Administrators and Shop Managers ✓ Orders have a status (Pending, Failed, Completed etc.) ✓ Orders can be added manually, if need be Orders
  28. #wcmelb @maddisondesigns Use coupons to provide customers with discounts ✓

    Discounts can be cart or product amounts/percentages ✓ Can include/exclude certain products or categories ✓ Specify an expiry date for limited use coupons Coupons
  29. Sales View sales by day, month, product & others Coupons

    List coupons used for purchases & total discounts Customers View signups, customers & guest sales Stock List your low stock & out of stock items Viewing your stores performance Reports
  30. Payment Gateways Take payments directly on your store using eWay,

    ANZ, NAB & others Table Rate Shipping Setup highly customisable shipping options Product Finder An advanced search for helping find products on your site Catalog Visibility Options Turn your online shop into an online catalog Some common extensions Extending WooCommerce
  31. #wcmelb @maddisondesigns WordPress Plugin Directory http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/woocommerce/ WooThemes WooCommerce site http://www.woothemes.com/woocommerce/

    WooCommerce Documentation http://docs.woothemes.com/document/woocommerce/ WooCommerce Extensions http://www.woothemes.com/product-category/woocommerce-extensions/ Links to remember
  32. #wcmelb @maddisondesigns That’s all folks!☺ Thanks! Questions? You can find

    me here... maddisondesigns.com easywpguide.com @maddisondesigns