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Phil Steinke: 9 1/2 Free WP Plugins to Keep you Sane While Blogging

Phil Steinke: 9 1/2 Free WP Plugins to Keep you Sane While Blogging

Most people go home from a Wordcamp eager to install heaps of plugins, a new responsive theme, and guest post all over the place. The result is pandemonium of too much happening on your website. Instead, take a moment to consider the user journey through your website. Most of you are aspiring pro-bloggers, some developers, so you’re going to have a product or service to sell.


WP Australia

April 28, 2013

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  1. Sack Your Developer 9 1/2 Free WordPress Plugins to keep

    you sane while blogging
  2. Phil Steinke Film Producer // Director Produce video for bloggers

    Responsive websites Social Media for #Rbutr
  3. #TheInternerd.com Online TV Station facebook.com/theinternerd twitter.com/theinternerdcom #theinternerd

  4. wired.c

  5. Zombie Apocalypse Entertaining Talented Trustworthy Survivors

  6. WTF? FTW!

  7. Zombie Apocalypse vs Blogging Entertaining Talented Trustworthy Legacy = Evergreen

  8. Sack Your Developer The Geek Gun Fanatic The Helicopter Pilot

  9. 9. Jetpack Stats Social media bar Forms Mobile Version

  10. 8. Clickheat The real FAQ Reduce choice = Increased sales

  11. None
  12. Apple 2000 CharlieHoehn.com

  13. Apple 2011 CharlieHoehn.com

  14. Apple 2013

  15. 7. Hellobar Stats say they attract people Drive your email

    list Fake addresses Annoys as many readers
  16. xkcd.com

  17. 7. Hellobar Who does it piss off? Loyal readers Signups

  18. 7. Hellobar Gets attention without annoyance

  19. 6. All in one SEO pack SEO = black magic

    SEO = charming
  20. impawards.com

  21. 6. All in one SEO pack White hat techniques: All

    in one SEO Videos Relevant words
  22. 5. Hide posts Hides from the front page Robots index

    your page SEO before shares
  23. 4. Social Analytics See how social media interacts with your

  24. 3. nRelated Content End of post matters = Call to

  25. 3. Related Content Pick one: Comment Social media Related article

  26. 3. nRelated Content

  27. None
  28. 1. Newsletter email software Mail Chimp Aweber - Affiliate marketing

    Vero - A/B marketing + affiliate
  29. 1/2 Bonus: Hootsuite and ContentDJ Automated social media ContentDJ post

    ideas from #hashtags
  30. wired.com

  31. #TheInternerd phil@TheInternerd.com facebook.com/theinternerd twitter.com/theinternerdcom