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Mikey De Wildt: How to survive people discovering your plugin

Mikey De Wildt: How to survive people discovering your plugin

Mikey talks about his plugin 'WordPress Backup to Dropbox' and the issues he has had to overcome as it grows in popularity. He also talks about 'extensions' as a viable way for plugin developers to make a little bit of money while keeping open source values.

WP Australia

April 28, 2013

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  1. Three options 1. Move to a new host that provided

    it 2. A premium WordPress plugin 3. A free one that worked and was secure
  2. All the numbers • 82,008 connected Dropbox accounts • 278

    Facebook shares • 485 tweets • 215 Google +1’s • 15 languages
  3. Free software ain’t free to support The hidden costs include:

    • Software and hardware to code • Internet • Web servers, because it’s not going to sell itself • Support services, email just didn’t cut it • Coffee and beer, a lot of it
  4. Research yielded three options 1. Premium support => Neglects a

    lot of users 2. Advertising => Tacky 3. A premium version => ...
  5. And make them easy to install Just as simple as

    installing a plugin: 1. Purchase 2. Download 3. Configure All from within the WordPress admin!
  6. So, how do you survive? 1. Hold onto open source

    values • Keep your core product free 2. Listen to your users • No matter how obscure their issue may be 3. Make it viable • But don’t break the first two!