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Rocío Valdivia - How to get (more) involved with WordPress

Rocío Valdivia - How to get (more) involved with WordPress

I would show a summary of all the teams and ways of contributing to the open source WP project and how to start contributing in any of them and what they're for. The idea is to show to the audience how easy it is to be a contributor no matter their level of technical knowledge, etc. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the project!


WordPress Greek Community

December 09, 2017


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  2. How to get (more) involved with WordPress rocio.blog @rociovaldi

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  4. Open Source and GPL

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  6. Why contributing?

  7. Several of the things you gain by giving back to

    WordPress will make you more valuable to clients or your company. * No, there’s no direct profit from contributing to the WordPress community. Profit!*
  8. Profesional Development Work with some of the greatest developers, designers,

    etc in the world.
  9. Be an Authority You’ll know more about WordPress, how it

    works, what’s coming soon, etc. Your clients or employer will appreciate it!
  10. Make WordPress Better My livelihood relies on WordPress. It’s in

    my best interest to make WordPress better!
  11. The new way to communicate with the rest of the

    WordPress contributors! https://make.wordpress.org/chat/ And of the Indonesian WordPress community http://wp-es.es/slack/
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  15. 15 make.wordpress.org/support Weekly Chats: Thursdays @ 16:00 UTC #forums on

  16. wordpress.org/support

  17. 17 make.wordpress.org/docs Weekly Chats: Thursdays @ 18:00 UTC #docs on

  18. codex.wordpress.org

  19. 19 make.wordpress.org/training Weekly Chats: Thursdays @ 17:00 UTC #training on

  20. make.wordpress.org/training

  21. 21 make.wordpress.org/community Bi-weekly Chats: Every two Thursdays @ 9:00 UTC

    and 18:00 UTC #community-events and #community- team on Slack
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  25. 25 Share your knowledge. 
 Be a speaker! Next Meetups:

    meetup.com/pro/wordpress Next WordCamps: central.wordcamp.org/schedule
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  27. make.wordpress.org/tv 27 Weekly Chats: Thursdays @ 17:00 UTC #wptv on

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  29. wordpress.tv/get-involved

  30. make.wordpress.org/core Weekly Chats: Mondays @ 18:00 UTC #core on Slack

  31. make.wordpress.org/core

  32. If we have 10,000 people testing and over 60 million

    sites, that’s only .0167%. Things get missed when there’s not enough testers. Please help! https://make.wordpress.org/test/ Beta Tester plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-beta-tester/ Reporting bugs: https://make.wordpress.org/core/handbook/reporting-bugs/ We need testers!
  33. Install the new editor and test it! https://wordpress.org/plugins/gutenberg/ All feedback

    is welcome
 The more testers the merrier! Test Gutenberg!
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  35. 35 make.wordpress.org/polyglots Weekly Chats: Wednesdays @ 10:00 UTC #polyglots on

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  39. And much more…

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  43. Any questions?

  44. Σας ευχαριστώ! rocio.blog @rociovaldi

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