A Tale of Queues — from ActiveMQ over Hazelcast to Disque

A Tale of Queues — from ActiveMQ over Hazelcast to Disque

After all the attention databases have been getting over the last years, it is high time to give some thought to queues. We will kick off with some considerations why you need queues in distributed systems and what their limitations are — in particular the at-least-once and at-most-once decision. Next we discuss our specific use case and why
* we started off with ActiveMQ,
* it's working ok for us,
* we are looking for a better solution.

While looking for a better solution, we considered Amazon SQS and RabbitMQ, but finally selected Hazelcast — which seemed to do everything for us. After the initial phase of enchantment, we came to realize that Hazelcast is actually not the right tool for us and why we do not want to fully rely on it. Luckily, Disque has just been released and looks really promising. And we have already started migrating to it, even though it's currently marked as beta code.


Philipp Krenn

December 01, 2016