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Accelerate (Longevity) Science with Market and Incentives

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October 09, 2018

Accelerate (Longevity) Science with Market and Incentives

Longevity research is one of the most exciting frontiers of science, potentially radically extending human life span by decades.

In this talk we discuss crypto primitives and incentive design that could be applied to boost funding, awareness, as well as data collaboration problem.

Mechanisms discussed here are also highly applicable to other "moonshot" projects.



October 09, 2018

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  1. Ac e r i g (Lon t ) Sci Wit

    I ce v & Mar Tom Ding @ SF Blockchain Week
  2. Hal Finney is somewhere here as patient #128 ...

  3. Ralph Merkle

  4. Paradigm shift from disease treatment to age reversal Source: Laura

    Demmng’s Longevity FAQ (ldeming.com)
  5. Significant increases possible through interventions Source: Laura Demmng’s Longevity FAQ

  6. Source: http://oisinbio.com

  7. Long list of things to be tested ... …... Source:

    Laura Demmng’s Longevity FAQ (ldeming.com)
  8. There is no difference between saving lives and extending lives,

    because in both cases we are giving people the chance of more life. - Aubrey de Grey, SENS Foundation
  9. Challenge: Funding & Awareness Less than $500M per year Mixed

    public impression Lack consistent goal across experiments
  10. Public Funding - NSF, DARPA, NIH (NIA) Venture Capital Big

    Pharma & Calico’s Traditional Funding
  11. First Thought: Why not just tokenize Science IP/equity + ICO?

  12. Bet on results Technical ideas too complicated to evaluate ...

  13. Created huge excitement Highly-levered (30+ teams) However ... • Donation

    only • Harder to scale out • Lack of public participation The Original X Prize Source: http://xprize.org
  14. Challenge: Most effective aging aging treatment $25M+ funding invests into

    the winning team(s) Token represents equity/IP investment 30% pool for Grants funding Longevity X Prize
  15. but wait ... How do we test if a proposed

    longevity intervention works? Do we need to spend $50M and wait decades?
  16. Measures DNA Methylation 97% co-relation with chronological age Coming “Grim

    Clock”: predicts mortality and health span Horvath Epigenetic Clock
  17. Implication We can test aging interventions on monthly scale -

    instead of decades, and 20x cheaper Measures DNA Methylation 97% co-relation with chronological age Coming “Grim Clock”: predicts mortality and health span Horvath Epigenetic Clock
  18. Example Prize Settings $20M Grand Prize Reverse mice bioage by

    12 months+ $4M Innovator Prize $1M PoC Prize Reverse dog / primate horvath bioage by equivalent of 3 years (in human age) Reverse human Horvath Bioage by 5 years vs. chronological age
  19. A Scientific “Moonshot ETF” “How can I put money towards

    a science mission I care about AND get reasonable return?”
  20. “Which GPs to entrust for optimal financial returns?” Regular VC

    Fund A Scientific “Moonshot ETF” “How can I put money towards a science mission I care about AND get reasonable return?” De l to : te c ro / pe r e, , co-in t , bu s od , ti g, te n y, et .
  21. En i r i e r sa 10+ ye Af

    o d pe n l i g ma n 3d-p i t f um t a s n le n Rep n os f e A Scientific “Moonshot ETF”
  22. Common characteristics Engineering-driven & Quantifiable Ambitious and Exciting Costly but

    bounded Huge financial upside Diverse angles A Scientific “Moonshot ETF”
  23. Implicit Risk-adjusted Pricing Foundation publishes regular scoreboard: LONGEVITY $3.4 (+35%

    YoY) A science tracker trading price proxies latest intervention progress similar to prediction mkt Rank Score Core Technology Team 1 2.5y Senalytics Unity Bio 2 1.9y Senalytics Platform Oisin 3 0.8y Rapamycin TAME
  24. LONGEVITY $3.4 (+35% YoY) Constructing “Longevity Index” A continuous prediction

    market on best intervention Resolves every 6 months, based on the longest human bioage reversal.
  25. Sounds like a “security” ... We could separate two type

    of interest: investment and therapeutic.
  26. Eligible for all buyers Directly applicable to therapy cost Token

    “staking” for priority in queue “THERAPY” token US: Accredited investors only Accumulatives investment value in equity / IP Can spawn Therapy Tokens “LONGEVITY” token
  27. Challenge: Human Biomarker Atlas Genomics, Epigenetics, Clinical data critical for

    research Massive gap for experiment data Most data proprietary or expensive to acquire Pop i n er y
  28. Goal: Crowdsource lifestyle & drug impact to Horvath Clock. Cost

    per sample: ~$250 E.g. Ket e , Hof m od, Fas g, Met mi , As i n, Rap c , Sen t d u s N-of-1 Epigenetic Clinical Trial [Josh Mitteldorf]
  29. N-of-1 Metabolomics Data Collective [Kevin Perrott, Buck Institute of Aging]

    Goal: Crowdsource metabolomics of diseased and aging population Cost per sample: few hundred $ E.g. Al em ’s, Di b e , Col ce , et .
  30. A State Encrypted DAO* encapsulating experimental data Data contributors earn

    DAO tokens upon valid submission through 3pt DAO could subsidize 3pt sampling cost * al : t es d r ti / de y n Concept: Open Epigenetics
  31. Concept: Open Epigenetics Institutions / Big Pharmas pay DAO stablecoin

    to decrypt data & acquire a “public license” Public can check against a license registry in the DAO Token holders receive payments from DAO regularly
  32. Welcome collaboration on Longevity (crypto, bio, machine learning, theory) x@tomding.one