Secure data in Android

Secure data in Android

External Workshop carried out at GDG DevFest Ukraine 2017.

Here we will focus on API's 18+, such as AndroidKeyStore, Fingerprint API, Confirm Credentials API.

This workshop can help both, less experienced Developers who have created few Android Application, where was no security requirements, to learn basics of user sensitive data security and experienced Developers that want to know about Android SDK changes that was made to make data security easier.

Theoretical and Practical Part will be mixed.

Practical Part supported with already prepared, partly completed samples, followed by slides with instructions.


Kotlin Gradle Plugin 1.1.51

Android SDK 26

Android Studio 3.0 Beta 7

Android Virtual Device API 18

Android Virtual Device API 23

Fetch or download sample source code from GitHub


Yakiv Mospan

October 14, 2017