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EmberConf2018: Toyota's Shared Component Library

EmberConf2018: Toyota's Shared Component Library

Slides for my talk at EmberConf 2018 on the Ember addon we created at Toyota Connected

Link: https://youtu.be/bt9MRkf5Mus?t=6h43m56s


Tony Ward

March 14, 2018

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  1. Tony Ward Pg. 001 Toyota’s Shared Component Library

  2. • Creating solutions for the auto industry using data driven

    innovations • Car and ride sharing • Chose Ember • Need for an addon for quick development Toyota Connected Tony Ward Pg. 002
  3. • Produce vehicles efficiently, while maintaining quality • Eliminate: •

    Muda: Waste • Mura: Inconsistencies • Muri: Excessive demands • Can apply to software too! Tony Ward Pg. 003 Toyota Production System
  4. • Ember addon • Common web components, template helpers, Sass

    functions, and Sass mixins • Designers created same components as Symbols in Sketch • Design and Dev pull from the same toolbox Tony Ward Pg. 004 Loom
  5. Tony Ward Pg. 005 {{#form-item flow='column' label='Email'}} {{!-- input —}}

  6. {{input-toggle action=(action ‘toggle') isChecked=keepLoggedIn disabled=task.isRunning}} Tony Ward Pg. 006

  7. {{button-async theme='primary' default='Sign In' pending='Signing In...' width='full' action=(perform submitTask)}} Tony

    Ward Pg. 007
  8. • Well tested components • Shared language/tools between design and

    development • Shared translations • Scalable • Efficiency, Consistency, Quality • Eliminate muda, mura, and muri Tony Ward Pg. 008 Advantages
  9. Tony Ward Pg. 009 Thanks EmberConf! YnotDraw @_ynotdraw YnotDraw