Scrum depuis les tranchées

6acd3df818349485f3942b5c6d16247a?s=47 Youri Ackx
October 31, 2013

Scrum depuis les tranchées

Petit guide des bonnes (et des moins bonnes) pratiques. Journée Agile 2013 à Louvain-la-Neuve. Version HTML5 en ligne :


Youri Ackx

October 31, 2013


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    LESS GOOD) PRACTICES Journée Agile 2013 — Youri Ackx @YouriAckx
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    PRELIMINARY NOTES Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead…

    May contain unorthodox opinions or XP fragments YMMV
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    HUMAN FACTOR “Build projects around motivated individuals. Give them the

    environment and support they need, and trust them to get the job done.” — Manifesto for Agile Software Development
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    COACH Hire a Scrum coach Avoid forming bad habits Avoid

    wasting time figuring things out "Moral authority" A few sessions will already do you good
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    SEAT THE TEAM TOGETHER “Just get the team together. Even

    if you have to personally threaten each individual, carry all their gear, and wipe up their old coffee stains. If there is no space for the team, make space. Somewhere. Even if you have to place the team in the basement. Move tables around, bribe the office manager, do whatever it takes. Just get the team together.” — Henrik Knieberg
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    SEAT THE TEAM TOGETHER Basement might be too remote from

    life Central location is better specially for new teams
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    BOARD Wall board vs Atlassian Pros and cons Prefer simple

    wall board by default 80" wall touch screen wins
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    DON'T Think in technical terms Think user stories first User

    actually needed to tell the bank to adjust a warranty
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    “The sales marks the deal as closed and the sales

    support team receives a notification”
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    As a _____ , in order to _____ , I

    _____ + How to Demo In the previous example we actually had 2 stories
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    BE VISUAL Please review those 250+ pages specs vs visual

    model Paper, pen, post-its, PowerPoint Prototypes, mockups, wireframes
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    PROBLEM SEDIMENTATION No need to fix everything right now →

    Parking Don't let issues drag Don't let tech debt build up
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    THE VERSATILE TEAM MYTH Might work with senior developers With

    junior: no so good Not convinced it makes sense How I understand it
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    THE RELUCTANT ONE It's up to you to keep him…

    or drop him Do not underweight the power of disturbance when pondering
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    BOARD OVERBOOKING One more for the road! No team commitment

    You can always add some if stories run out
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    END OF SPRINT EFFECT Artificial, not business related … But

    forces you to wrap up Refrain the urge to score at all cost
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    SUPPORT Increase "slack" time percentage (Aubry) How to deal w/

    support volatility? Tracking is painful (and has a cost) Impact on sprint
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    “In real life, you can’t always sprint. You need to

    rest between sprints. If you always sprint, you are in effect just jogging.” — Henrik Knieberg
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