The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Front-End Performance, 2018 edition

97d21da8e0ffa8f81218a293482c253a?s=47 Matheus
September 15, 2018

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Front-End Performance, 2018 edition

Optimizing applications to offer the best user experience isn't something trivial even for the most skilled front-end developers; given Murphy's law, browsers don't always know what critical resources they should load first, huge code bundles and users' slow network connections make them wait more seconds than they want to and, once the whole download is finished, we know that JavaScript can even take a few more seconds to process.

Thankfully there's a lot we can do to give our users a much better experience: preloading, prefetching, code splitting, common chunks, dynamic imports, service workers, web workers, JavaScript compile-time optimization and so on. Yet, in a world where all we hear is PWA hype driven development ™, how these different pieces of the web interact to bring our users a real meaningful better experience is often not well understood, explained or put in practice.

In this talk I'll explain how to ship way faster front-end bundles and share a few general data-driven techniques and performance patterns learnt during my journey building geodata visualization platforms at scale focused on three aspects: faster loading times, better performance and smarter mobile data usage.



September 15, 2018