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technology x business

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November 20, 2014

technology x business



November 20, 2014


  1. Technology x Business TechCrunch Tokyo CTO Night Yuji Isobe

  2. CTO x Technology

  3. CTO x Business

  4. None
  5. None
  6. We use Node.js, and
 MongoDB over 2 years…

  7. We run over 100 AWS
 instances… 100x m3.medium 12 x

    m3.large 1 x m3.xlarge 10 x c3.large 4 x r3.2xlarge 8 x i2.2xlarge
  8. Our algorithm is patent-pending…

  9. One day I changed our business model

  10. Lifted Sales Base Sales Base Sales Sales Lift PPA A

    Group B Group
  11. We have
 two variables Supporting
 Technology Sales

  12. New Joined Members! Leo Kubota Tokoroten MongoDBJP୅ද Ϗδωεηϯεͷ͋Δ
 ΞϥϑΥʔΤϯδχΞ ϚʔέςΟϯάɺσʔλ

    ෼ੳɺϚϧ΢ΣΞղੳͱ ͳΜͰ΋͜ͳͤ͘͢ऀ γεςϜ؅ཧɺωοτ
  13. Technology Scales Up Business We are hiring :)