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There are APIs, then there are Production Grade APIs

7a7941bc0f64abef3c254fdb7f26a42c?s=47 Zohaib Khan
September 20, 2016

There are APIs, then there are Production Grade APIs

This deck is from my talk at APIWorld 2016 in San Jose.

Standing up a reliable and secure API capability is serious business. Code complete is just the first step. There are several considerations that need to be met before you roll out your first API to your partner or customer. If you are a Developer, Architect, an App Development Manager, DevOps team member or a business person trying to understand how to leverage APIs in enterprise, you don’t want to miss this talk.

In this talk, I covered:
- API Security: How to secure the entire path from edge network to the backend service and back.
- API Resiliency: Rate limiting, throttling, securing against exploits, denial of service and key management.
- Multi data center deployments.
- Essential Developer workflow for building APIs.
- CI & CD toolchain for reducing Mean Time to Delivery.
- Design patterns: Passthrough, single concern and content based routing.
- Reference architectures that can be used as starting points and grow.

You are expected to know some basics such as what are APIs, REST and HTTP.


Zohaib Khan

September 20, 2016


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