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StartupWeekend ~ GDG org. summit - 130513

StartupWeekend ~ GDG org. summit - 130513

Create communities & build companies in a weekend. No Talk. All Action @maryksimonds



May 21, 2013


  1. Create communities & build companies in a weekend. No Talk.

    All Action @startupweekend // @maryksimonds Monday, May 13, 13
  2. Monday, May 13, 13

  3. GOOGLE BOOTCAMPS Monday, May 13, 13

  4. WHAT: Bootcamps focus on teaching people about Google technologies like

    Android, App Engine, and different Google APIs. WHY: Google Bootcamps will improve a Startup Weekend event by leveraging the experience and knowledgeable members of the GDG community to teach Startup Weekend attendees. WHO: Experienced developers who are attending or thinking about attending a Startup Weekend. Monday, May 13, 13
  5. <HOW does this benefit YOU?> Monday, May 13, 13

  6. First-hand access to tech enthusiasts & startup lovers Receive publicity

    from cross-promotion with Startup Weekend Opportunity to meet potential new members, teach new people, & support developers GDG leaders receive complimentary tickets to their local SW event & GDG members get a 20% discount Monday, May 13, 13
  7. <Topics to Cover> TIP: Try to avoid subjects that are

    too complex to cover in a day Monday, May 13, 13
  8. <Quick Stats> 9 Google Bootcamps YTD UPCOMING BOOTCAMPS May 15:

    Catania, Italy May 24: Vancouver, BC June 1: Cebu City, Philippines June 1: Rabat, Morocco June 7: Dublin, Ireland June 8: Davao City, Philippines June 11: Mexico City, Mexico June 14: Sarajevo, Bosnia Monday, May 13, 13
  9. <How to engage> visit Fill out the “Request a

    pre-Startup Weekend Bootcamp form (it’s short, I promise) We will put you in touch with your local Startup Weekend Organizers to start planning your Google Bootcamp Monday, May 13, 13
  10. <Questions?> Email: or Tweet: @maryksimonds Monday, May 13, 13