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20210207_Try English LT_ for engineers

20210207_Try English LT_ for engineers

This is my presentation in 20210207 Try English LT_ for engineers. Title is "A talk about developing Node-RED node communicating with IODATA Qwatch internet camera device API.".

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February 07, 2021

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  1. [サブタイトル] [タイトル] ワンフットシーバス 田中正吾 20210207_Try English LT_ for engineers A

    talk about developing Node-RED node communicating with IODATA Qwatch internet camera device API. 1ft-seabss 田中正吾
  2. I will share my presentation. Please, enjoy my talk :)

  3. Seigo Tanaka Company Name:1ft-seabass Twitter : @1ft_seabass I have been

    worked front-end Engineer since 2004 and made interactive contents. Recently. I’m based on front-end technology. I’m going to be related to information and user-interface gradually. ex. IoT , Mixed Reality and AI...
  4. Node-RED Low-code programming for event-driven applications. It's based Node.js. If

    we would like to connect a new API, we can make a custom node. https://nodered.org/
  5. The my topic is IODATA Qwatch internet camera. It eases

    to set reasonable. https://www.iodata.jp/product/lancam/
  6. It has official API based HTTP! I inquired for getting

    the API docs directly. https://www.iodata.jp/product/lancam/api/index.htm
  7. I tried to make Node.js at first. https://www.1ft-seabass.jp/memo/2020/12/20/qwatch-api-ts-ns110w-image-get-using-nodejs/

  8. I could make Qwatch Node-RED node recently! https://flows.nodered.org/node/node-red-contrib-qwatch

  9. I will start a demonstration! My made Qwatch Node-RED get

    a current snapshot from Qwatch now.
  10. The Node-RED flow will get a Qwatch snapshot!

  11. I will get started!

  12. Other usage Qther Qwatch device can be looking my son

    sleeping status every time in home. :)
  13. I also worked on the node English README! https://flows.nodered.org/node/node-red-contrib-qwatch

  14. Conclusion • I enjoyed to develop the ease of Qwatch

    control. • In this way, OSS development can try to got great oppotunity learning English!