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Node-RED Con Tokyo 2020 report

Node-RED Con Tokyo 2020 report

This is my presentation in Champion Call November 2020. Title is "Node-RED Con Tokyo 2020 report" methods and tips!".

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November 12, 2020


  1. [サブタイトル] [タイトル] ワンフットシーバス 田中正吾 Champion Call December 2020 Node-RED Con

    Tokyo 2020 report 1ft-seabass , Seigo Tanaka
  2. Outline • About Node-RED User Group Japan briefly. • The

    report of Node-RED Con Tokyo 2020! • The impact of the conference.
  3. About Node-RED User Group Japan • For expanding Node-RED in

    Japan generally. • We held various its meetups. • We shared a lot of knowledge about Node-RED.
  4. Node-RED Con Tokyo 2020 report! • Online conference • Performance

    • Keynote and Speakers • Conference staff team
  5. First online conference Like this situation, We held passionately the

    event as online!
  6. First Online conference Like this situation. We made this event

    as a online conference.
  7. Performance Registerd paticipants 390 persons. Usual viewers about 100 persons.

    (max 140!)
  8. Keynote Noriaki Fukuyasu (Vice President, Linux Foundation Japan)

  9. Keynote Nick O’Leary (Node-RED Co-creator, IBM Open Source team)

  10. Speakers and contents The conference had a business track and

    a technical track. amazing speakers! The event collaborated as global! It's the benefit of online conference. https://nodered.jp/noderedcon2020/index-en.html
  11. Support HITACHI, IBM, OpenJS Foundation, uhuru They supported us event

    announcements and distribution.
  12. Conference Management Team The event made Node-RED User Group Japan

    admin member and awesome volunteers!
  13. Related IBM Adovocate and IBM Champion folks! • Taiji-san (IBM

    Adovocate) • Yokoi-san (IBM Champion) • Kakimoto-san (IBM Champion) • Kojo-san (ex-IBM Champion) • Ishii-san (IBM Champion as a speaker) • me (IBM Champion)
  14. The impact of the conference • Holding a online conference

    successfully! • Reaching global communication as speakers and attendees. • Sharing the great Node-RED knowledges!
  15. Next plan! We already think about holding the next year