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Becoming as a Service

Becoming as a Service

This talk is part of www.tid-x.com 2018 conference. It explains basic views and high level concepts about Cloud Services and what considerations should be taken when building cloud services. The presentation put images to this blog post https://medium.com/@ruben.gblanco/being-a-cloud-service-vs-a-service-in-the-cloud-9452f79d03eb and the following video is the talk itself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPVIFCY6q1g&index=2&list=PL94ziy7W5BvtHjQ7cOqzfolaKSlaWYjlz


Ruben Gonzalez Blanco

February 23, 2018

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  1. Becoming ‘as a Service’ Understanding Cloud Services basics TID-X Feb

    24th 2018
  2. Some Concepts Based on : https://medium.com/@ruben.gblanco/being-a-cloud-service-vs-a-service-in-the-cloud-9452f79d03eb

  3. What is the difference between Client-Server vs Cloud Service? Server

    Client API Cloud Service Client API “RPC” “RPC”
  4. Cloud Services key attributes • Ubiquity: (accessible via Internet/IP protocol)

    • Published API (Programmable) • Self-service (aaS) • Elastic Scaling • Use-based pricing • Turnkey solution • General/Standard Service (shared service) https://www.slideshare.net/JorFigOr/cloud-computing-2010-an-idc-update
  5. <X>aaS classification: for Executives and Consultants http://www.hostingadvice.com/how-to/iaas-vs-paas-vs-saas/

  6. Engineers: Just talk about Cloud Services !! https://www.slideshare.net/AmazonWebServices/aws-services-overview-and-quarterly-update-april-2017-aws-online-tech-talks

  7. Product based vs Cloud Services based architecture App1 App2 App1

    App2 Queues Service API NoSQL Service API SendMessage() ReceiveMessages() Product/Vendor Dependency TCO & Operations API Dependency Costs Program to an Interface not to an Implementation putDocument()
  8. General Cloud Service Anatomy

  9. Cloud Service Anatomy - from outside Cloud Service API API

    Consumer • Resource Management • Permissions & Policies • Resource Usage ➔ CreateQueue() ➔ SetQueueAttributes() ➔ ListQueues() ➔ DeleteQueue() ➔ SetPermission() ➔ UnsetPermission() ➔ SendMessage() ➔ SendMessageBatch() ➔ ReceiveMessages() Resources: ★ API Consumer ★ Tenant ★ Queues OpenStack Tenant == AWS Account == GCP Project ❏ Api-key ❏ Token ❏ certificates HTTP REST JSON RPC over HTTP gRPC
  10. Cloud Service Anatomy - from inside, HL architecture Controller (orchestrator)

    (scheduler) API TenantInfo QueueInfo IAM APIConsumer Permissions Tenants (isolated) User Manag ement Users ApiConsumers Console implementation API Imp* Metering QuotaControl API Consumer Monitoring Logging Ops Console Billing Private interface User Ops Analytics ... (*) multiple servers and endpoints
  11. A Cloud of Services

  12. A Cloud of Services (ecosystem) : Openstack https://docs.openstack.org/install-guide/get-started-logical-architecture.html

  13. A Cloud of Services (ecosystem) For another Talk ;-) API

    GW IAM Metering QuotaControl Billing Monitoring Logging Analytics User Management Service Y Service X Service Z API API API Orchestator Resource Manager API Consumer Console User Ops Console Portal Documentation API Standards User ....
  14. END