ABC Company Vision

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February 20, 2014

ABC Company Vision

Our vision is to make ABC the industry stamp of trust underpinning the way advertising is traded across the converging media landscape in the UK and beyond. Below is a short presentation illustrating our role, company vision and strategy and the external influences on our vision such as ad spend and members priorities.



February 20, 2014


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    Where we’ve come from since 2010 Newspapers & Ireland Magazines

    & Exhibitions ABCe Audit Support Services Client Services Standards, Operations & Compliance Comms & Innovation Audit, Finance & IT Support Services Innovation Innovation
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    Developing standards Verifying and checking Building consensus ABC’s Role and

    Capabilities To serve our members and our industry
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    Average ‘Platforms per Title’ 2013-2015 2013 2016 +1- Regional Publications

    1.05 1.15 +0.1 Business Media 1.1 1.3 +0.2 Consumer Magazines 1.3 1.6 +0.3 National Newspapers 1.4 1.8 +0.4
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    ABC’s Vision and Business Scope - ‘50% by 15’ ABC’s

    stamp of trust will underpin ad trading across the converging media world in the UK and beyond Multi-platform measurement of media brands Compliance assurance for processes in digital ad trading
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    Looking in – what matters to our customers? **Source: Customer

    barometer research – August 2013 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Measuring your audience across platforms Demonstrating ad viewability online Measuring mobile traffic Demonstrating brand safety online to advertisers Using suppliers that are ABC Associates Business Priorities for 2014 -Media Owner Clients Quite important Very important
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    Key Strategic Initiatives 2013/14 - Summary • Cross-sector rule simplification

    and re-write • Reporting and metrics for Digital Editions and Publications • Business Media Total Audience Certificate roll out • Industry future/hybrid measurement (research/big data) • QuickView roll-out and development Multi-Platform Brand Measurement • Brand safety initiative via DTSG or IPA/ISBA • Joint projects with UKOM & BARB • Innovation in new fields – ‘viewability’, social media, OBA privacy Digital Advertising Process Compliance • ARC2 implementation • Governance review ABC/JICWEBS • Cost reduction across the business Good Housekeeping