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Rapid Prototyping with MeteorJS

Rapid Prototyping with MeteorJS

Meteor JS offers a toolkit for developing and publishing applications with minimal effort. The expanding plugin library is quickly growing in number. With the tools provided by Meteor JS a developer can build an application in days, not weeks. Meteor JS offers all the bells and whistles of very popular application frameworks but with a few extra special goodies. The data-base everywhere approach allows for front end javascript to interact with the tables. The data-on-the-wire approach comes out of the box, no need to call sync events or page refresh, it just works. Finally, publishing your application to the web is literally a single line in terminal.

With the combination of MongoDB and NodeJS, Meteor JS is the best all javascript solution for building and deploying applications fast!

Adam Smith

April 17, 2015

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  1. What is a prototype? “A prototype is an early sample,

    model, or release of a product built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from.”
 -wikipedia @acodesmith | @wideopentech #ConvergeSE | #meteorjs
  2. Why Trust/Use Meteor? • Over two years of open source

    development • MIT License • $11mm in VC funding • Single Language • Integrated Package System
 (like the npm) • Hosted Development Environment @acodesmith | @wideopentech #ConvergeSE | #meteorjs
  3. “Build apps that are a delight to use, faster than

    you ever thought possible” -meteor.com @acodesmith | @wideopentech #ConvergeSE | #meteorjs
  4. • Modern user interface • Use of templates to create

    a reactive seamless user experience. <template></template> • Radically less code • Data binding is out of the box. You don’t write glue code. You declare and it just works. • Browser and Mobile • Command line interface to install mobile SDKs and emulation. • One language everywhere • isomorphic packages which can be used on the client of the browser. @acodesmith | @wideopentech #ConvergeSE | #meteorjs
  5. • Live updates • You don’t refresh! OMG! • Unified

    package system • atmospherejs.com - It’s like npm but for meteor ready packages. • Ultra responsive • Super fast interactions with fast results. 
 (not responsive design) • Hot deploys • Say what?! You can deploy hotfixes to live apps without disturbing the user’s session! Yes it works on installed apps as well. @acodesmith | @wideopentech #ConvergeSE | #meteorjs
  6. Things to consider before jumping in… • Have you ever

    worked with javascript on the server? • Have you ever worked with MongoDB? • Where will the final project be hosted? • What browsers will you have to support? 
 IE6+ and well…everything else. @acodesmith | @wideopentech #ConvergeSE | #meteorjs
  7. Templates in Meteor helpers Template.home.helpers({
 product_count: Products.count({ sold: { $ne:

    true } });
 }); events Template.home.events({
 “click #login”: function(){ }
 }); rendered Template.home.rendered = function(){
 //update ui? } @acodesmith | @wideopentech #ConvergeSE | #meteorjs
  8. Meteor Sessions @acodesmith | @wideopentech #ConvergeSE | #meteorjs “If you

    call Session.get("currentList") from inside a template, the template will automatically be rerendered whenever Session.set("currentList", x) is called.” -Meteor Docs