Polyfilling The HTML5 Gaps With JavaScript

96270e4c3e5e9806cf7245475c00b275?s=47 Addy Osmani
December 14, 2011

Polyfilling The HTML5 Gaps With JavaScript

Note: (Better) HTML version of these slides are available are at http://addyosmani.com/blog/polyfilling-the-html5-gaps/

We all want to use the hot new features being implemented in modern browsers right away, but there's a small problem holding us back: how can we use these great new capabilities whilst ensuring older browsers still render pages and features as expected? Polyfills are here to help.

Polyfills are JavaScript shims that replicate the standard API found in native features of new browsers for those without such features and in this talk I'll take you through how to both use specially written JavaScript to emulate HTML5 features and even pick up pro-tips about writing your own polyfills along the way.


Addy Osmani

December 14, 2011