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The importance of open assets

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October 11, 2019

The importance of open assets

Lightning Talk on Devcon5



October 11, 2019


  1. The importance of open assets Dev Protocol

  2. Hello! Aggre Dev Protocol devtoken.rocks

  3. What are open-assets?

  4. Open-assets

  5. Why should it be open?

  6. Open Close Collaboration and Co-creation Conflict and Exclusion

  7. The world without open source Always full-scratch Repeat the same

    bug Less than 1/100000 progress Bankrupt libs
  8. The world a place for co-creation It's given birth to

  9. But, open-assets has a problem of sustainability.

  10. Sustainability 83% of OSS projects stagnated within one year 54%

    of popular OSS projects earn the US poverty threshold Source: Open Source By The Numbers Source: Software below the poverty line
  11. Our trying: Dev Protocol https://github.com/dev-protocol/protocol Middleware that mining by the

    power of open-assets and create economics
  12. The economic value is hidden Is it free? Yes, but

    no $ 0 price tag. This dialogue is getting increasing
  13. Potential of social impacts Re-BUIDL WORDL

  14. Thank you