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Fully AMP pros and cons

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July 26, 2019

Fully AMP pros and cons



July 26, 2019


  1. Fully AMP pros/cons Chrome Tech Talk Night #14

  2. Polymer Japan Web Platform Study Group

  3. aggre [AGURI] @aggre_ FRAME00, INC. CTO aggre.io

  4. AMP is a famous use case of Web Components

  5. Made the website is fully AMP.

  6. None
  7. Source of https://devtoken.rocks/ Canonical AMP

  8. Pros 1/2 • I can focus on application development without

    defining atomically components. • AMP validators know about performance best practices. AMP • I can get good user experience if only care for CDN. CDN • Do you (really) need SPA? It gives us the noticing of asking questions. SPA ?
  9. Pros 2/2 • I could build without any problems with

    just AMP. AMP • I could build without thinking about the layer of persistent state. • When I return to the original means of web development, I remember the issue is simple.
  10. Cons 1/2 • I don‘t know the templating library to

    generate AMP valid HTML. AMP HTML • Insert the boilerplate, styles put together one, and resolve AMP script dependencies… 1 AMP … • I made it myself.
  11. Cons 2/2 • amp-bind‘s states, expressions, and bindings interact using

    strings as keys. amp-bind , , • Is the key exist? Is the schema correct? I need a parser to validate it. • I want to solve this problem by using the JS/TS platform, not a parser. JS/TS …
  12. In my case

  13. Create a template for AMP

  14. I like lit-html, so I using template literals on the

    server-side too.
  15. Create a component

  16. Create a page

  17. Insert the boilerplate, styles put together one, clean up duplicate

    styles with cssnano, and resolve AMP script dependencies.
  18. AMP makes it easy to build high- performance websites.

  19. Thank you!