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Eyes are the windows to our souls - Lynette Goh - Agile SG 2016

Eyes are the windows to our souls - Lynette Goh - Agile SG 2016

Presented in Agile Singapore 2016 conference


Agile Singapore

October 06, 2016

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  1. Eyes are the windows to the soul How eye tracking

    aids UX in agile environments
  2. We are Objective Experience Established in 2007 Sydney and Singapore

    offices. We are a growing team of 20+ members. We are the leader in utilizing Eye Tracking Technologies to conduct research on how people interact with websites, digital products, and real world environments. We uncover insights and optimise the experience that customers have with your brand.
  3. USABILITY TEST (UT) FORMATS FULL UT More participants required 12

    participants can uncover 99% of major usability issues One evaluative testing AGILE UT Lesser participants required 5 participants can uncover 85% of major usability issues Repeated testing for iteration
  4. Day 1-5 Tasks User needs Recruit users Kickoff Day 6

    Observation Testing 60 mins session ‘Actualize’ workshop Day 7 Findings after a day Actionable recommendations METHODOLOGY
  5. Identify key user journeys to test Prioritise 3 main tasks

    Recruit targeted user segment KICKOFF METHODOLOGY: DAY 1-5
  6. TESTING Live viewing of user behaviour and eye tracking data

    Immediate understanding of users’ needs METHODOLOGY: DAY 6
  7. 100 years of Eye Tracking Eye tracking has come a

    long way in the last 100 years, from the intrusive and complex…
  8. … to the mobile and lightweight tools we know today.

    100 years of Eye Tracking

  10. Think Aloud Protocol Retrospective Think Aloud Retrospective Think Aloud with

    Eye Tracking Mental process “What am I doing? How do I explain it?” Mental process “What did I do just now?” Mental process “I looked at this during the test because…” USABILITY TESTING WITH RETROSPECTIVE THINK ALOUD

  12. GoBear mobile website testing


  14. GoBear website testing

  15. ‘Actualize’ workshop discuss key findings, brainstorm solutions, actualise results for

    next sprint
  16. METHODOLOGY: DAY 7 Document key findings and discussion ACTIONABLE RECOMMENDATIONS

    Provide actionable recommendations
  17. Actions speak louder than Words Prioritise, A/B Test, Execute

  18. None
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  22. Ask us Anything

  23. Thank you for your kind attention Lynette Goh & Ivonne

    Bojoh “It’s about catching customers in the act, and providing highly relevant and highly contextual information” – Paul Maritz, CEO at Pivotal