Building an Enterprise-Ready Lambda Experience

Building an Enterprise-Ready Lambda Experience

To create a lambda experience is easy, to do that in a mission-critical environment is not that easy. We will talk about two parallel journies: how we implemented this at BBVA (an international 100 years old bank with more than 130 thousand employees, 10% of them being IT professionals). We´ll cover all the main decisions that we took in our path to serverless and the tradeoffs that we accepted. As a complement to this, we will implement in stage a simpler version of this experience using out of the box Kubernetes features like CRDs.

There are certain thoughts that you need to keep in mind when you are planning a serverless solution in your company: usability, extensibility, security, resiliency, to use a market solution or build our own, logs, metrics… in the end, how do we make this tool part of our toolset seamlessly and production ready from the first minute.


Alexandre González

May 21, 2019