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Kubernetes Webinar Part 1: Hands on

Kubernetes Webinar Part 1: Hands on

Part 1 in the Kubernetes webinar series for CloudAcademy.

Adam Hawkins

January 18, 2017

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  1. Plan Goal: Introduce Kubernetes & key features Presentation & Demo

    ~10 minutes for Q & A. Please put your questions in the chat.
  2. Hi! I’m Adam Hawkins • Site Reliability Engineering Team Lead

    at Saltside • Manages ~350 containers in production • 2+ years of Docker experience • “Introduction to Docker” course lecturer • @adman65 • http://blog.slashdeploy.com
  3. Kubernetes: Planet Scale Container Orchestration • Heterogenous cluster composition •

    Horizontal container scaling • Built in CPU based container autoscaling • Pause, resume, and undo container deployments • Service Discovery • Container min and max compute allotments • Multi-master setups for HA requirements • Support for multiple container runtimes (Docker & Rocket)
  4. Demo Time! Build a multi container application with service discovery

    Rollouts Probes and init containers What ever else we have time for :)