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Panorama et enjeux du marché des applications iPhone

Panorama et enjeux du marché des applications iPhone

Présentation donnée lors de l'évenement "Rezonance" à Yverdon-les-Bains, Suisse.

Adrian Kosmaczewski

June 16, 2010

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  1. 1. Deux millions d’iPads vendus en 2 mois
 = 1

    chaque 3 secondes 2. Il y a eu 35 millions de téléchargements sur l’App Store pour iPad (ou 17 apps par iPad) http://akos.ma/7cunf
  2. 3. 15,000 nouvelles applications sont envoyées à Apple chaque semaine

    pour évaluation 4. 95% de toutes ces applications sont approuvées en 7 jours http://akos.ma/7cunf
  3. 5. Vers la fin du mois de juin 2010, Apple

    aura vendu son 100 millionième appareil iOS (iPhone, iPod touch et / ou iPad) http://akos.ma/7cunf
  4. Requirements • Applications Gratuites: • Rien du tout • Applications

    payantes: • EIN Number, via IRS • Compte bancaire
  5. “Your application cannot be posted to the App Store at

    this time because it does not adhere to the iPhone Human Interface Guidelines as outlined in iPhone SDK Agreement section x.x.x. When the device is in this or that condition, the application does not do this or that. This behavior might lead to user confusion. It would be appropriate to display either a notification or an alert stating that such or such condition is required. In order for your application to be reconsidered for the App Store, please resolve this issue and upload your new binary to iTunes Connect.”
  6. “Applications such as multi-surveillance video feed app iRA Pro ($899.99),

    mobile podcasting application Poddio (149.99) and TomTom's Western European navigation app ($139.99) are the list's most expensive products.” http://akos.ma/6l_c6
  7. “You’ve got to be on the iPhone; same as you’ve

    got to be on the Web.” http://akos.ma/hg Walker Fenton, GM of NewsGator’s Media & Consumer Products
  8. 1. Position your product 2. Market your Website, not your

    App Store Page. 3. Put Rich Content on your Website 4. Make Custom App Store Links Using Your Own Website 5. Make Custom Links to the App Store from Your Own Website 6. Make it easy for people to link to your website 7. Add Plenty of Content to Your Website http://akos.ma/7y
  9. • Android: Android Market, Handango, et OnlyAndroid. • BlackBerry: BlackBerry

    App World, Handango, MobiHand, et Handmark's Mobile App Store for BlackBerry. • Palm OS: Handango, PalmGear, et Palm Software Store. • Symbian S60: Handango et SymbianGear. • Nokia: Ovi Store • Windows Mobile: Handango et PocketGear; Windows Marketplace for Mobile and HandMarket pour bientôt. • Autres, non-smartphone: GetJar. http://akos.ma/gymp6
  10. • Raven Zachary (Obama iPhone app) • Daniel Steinberg (Consultant,

    auteur) • Neelan Choksi (Stanza e-book reader) • Jérôme Layat (Hortis) • (yours truly)
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