SEO Concepts and Wordpress

SEO Concepts and Wordpress

Presentation about Search Engine Optimization concepts and how to use them with a wordpress website by Alcantara Media - Boca Raton SEO Agency


Michael Alcantara

February 07, 2013


  1. SEO Concepts for Wordpress By: Michael I. Alcantara

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  6. Boca Raton SEO Brief Overview !   Understanding the Engines

    !   Sally Sells Seashells by The Seashore !   Who knew I’d be an architect? !   Friend of my friends, links of my links !   Roasting the Yoast
  7. Boca Raton SEO Understanding The Engines What Is SEO? Send

    Everything Over
  8. Boca Raton SEO How Sophisticated are they? Sentient Being w/

    Processing Power of Every Brain on Earth!!!
  9. Boca Raton SEO

  10. Boca Raton SEO Remind You Of Anything? We Send it

    Information Wrapped up and They Put It on the shelf Who sends the most gifts get’s the top shelf! Directory? Yellow Pages?
  11. Boca Raton SEO Gift Bags !   Good Readable Content

    !   Great Code Architecture !   Popularity Votes from Friends
  12. Boca Raton SEO It’s Actually Very Simple No, Really!

  13. Boca Raton SEO Sally Sells Seashells By The Seashore !

      What is your business, do you have a niche? !   What are the topics that relate to that niche? !   What questions do my customers ask before they buy this product/service?
  14. Boca Raton SEO Synonyms, Shynonyms Sells Seashells Seashore Buy Shells

    Beach Purchase Oysters Water Get School Project Sea How To Corals Jersey Seashore Acquire Sea Shells Sea Shore Pick out Beachcombing Beach House Store Sealife Sand Sale Sanddollars Sand Castle Collect Starfish Florida
  15. Boca Raton SEO Keyword Competition Global Monthly Search Local Monthly

    Search Shells for sale High 720 320 Shell Craft Low 880 590 Seashell Necklace High 590 480 Types of Shells Low 1,000 590 Bad Good Bad Good Creating a MOAT!
  16. Boca Raton SEO

  17. Boca Raton SEO Alcantara Media SEO Secret Tip #1 AIM

    for Low Competition and Good Traffic I
  18. Boca Raton SEO Free Tools vs Paid Tools Free Tools

    Paid Tools Google Keyword Research Tool Market Samurai Google Search SEMRush View Source SEOMoz Open Site Explorer
  19. Boca Raton SEO Who knew I’d be an Architect? !

      On-Page Optimization !   Make your website with user interaction in mind !   If a user is not happy navigating your website and they drop out too quickly Google knows this! !   Clean Code = Wordpress!
  20. Boca Raton SEO Too Long = Too Bad !  

    URL – Short as possible and readable ! category=id?2343929230 ! !   Title – Less than 70 Characters – Unique! !   Meta-Description – Less than 160 Characters – Unique! !   Meta-Keywords – 3-5 Key terms, less than 90 characters
  21. Boca Raton SEO Headings, they do exist! !   H1

    – Most Important Keyword !   H2 – Should be used in moderation !   H3 – Should be used after H2s !   H4 – Should be used after H3s !   H5 – Should be used after H4s !   H6 – Should be used after H5s !   H7 – Doesn’t Exists !   H8 – Really Doesn’t Exists
  22. Boca Raton SEO A picture is worth a thousand key-words

    !   Title !   Alt !   Description !   Caption
  23. Boca Raton SEO Flash and iFrames DON’T USE THEM

  24. Boca Raton SEO Aww, now I got’s to be compliant?

    !   Yes, You have to be compliant. !   This means, make sure your website has the following: ! Robots.txt !   XML-Sitemap !   Lang attribute tag ! Doctype !   Google Analytics !   Blog Feed !   Favicon !   Encoding
  25. Boca Raton SEO Alcantara Media SEO Secret Tip #2 Geo

    MetaTags do wonders for local search results. A
  26. Boca Raton SEO Friend of my Friends Link of my

    Links !   Backlinks are popularity votes !   Use your keywords !   Acquiring them takes good content !   Give engines time to index
  27. Boca Raton SEO Methods of Linkbuilding ! Linkwheel !

    !   Blogger ! Tumblr ! Squidoo !   Article Directories !   Press Releases ! Slideshares ! Infographics !   Videos !   Guest Blogging !   Whitepaper
  28. Boca Raton SEO Alcantara Media SEO Secret Tip #3 Become

    an authority and build reports that honor other authority figures in your industry. This will bait them into linking back to you. E
  29. Boca Raton SEO SEO by Yoast !   What is

    Yoast? ! Yoast is a person, to be exact Joost de Valk ! Yoast for Wordpress is a plugin developed by Joost !   It makes on-page optimization easier for Wordpress
  30. Boca Raton SEO Yoast for Wordpress !   Introduction !

      Eight Sections !   Post/Page Optimization
  31. Boca Raton SEO Yoast Introduction !   Creates a XML-Sitemap

    for you !   Allows you to no-index certain pages !   Means search engines wont index them !   Creates Default Meta-Titles, Meta-Descriptions, Meta-Keywords based on content type.
  32. Boca Raton SEO Yoast - Dashboard !   Start Tour

    – Dooo Eeeet! !   Default Settings – if you mess up, start over !   Tracking – Allows you to make Yoast Better !   Security – Prevents authors/guest bloggers from impacting SEO. !   Webmaster tools verification.
  33. Boca Raton SEO Yoast - Titles & Metas ! Sitewide

    Settings and Defaults !   Title Rewrite – If theme prevents the Yoast Title that you designate to show, use this. !   Meta-Keywords Tag – Yes, Use it! !   Home Tab – Author Tagging, Very Important!
  34. Boca Raton SEO Alcantara Media SEO Secret Tip #4 Author

    Tagging your posts with your Google+ page is wonderful. C
  35. Boca Raton SEO Yoast – Social !   Connects your

    website to your facebook and twitter profiles. !   Search Engines are integrating more and more into search and Google is already tweaking their algorithm to look at Google+ pages.
  36. Boca Raton SEO Yoast – XML Sitemaps !   Allow

    Yoast Sitemap functionality !   Ping Yahoo and Ping Ask !   Let’s Yahoo and Ping that you have new content out, already done for Google and Bing !   Exclude posts type or taxonomies (Tags & Categories)
  37. Boca Raton SEO Yoast - Permalink !   How the

    URL structure is displayed !   Remove “/category/” !   Force Trailing “/” to the end of the URL !   Redirect attachment URLs to Parent URL, so no one is looking at a file without being on the website – very useful !   Remove ?replytocom variables – for large sites with a lot of comments, helps the engines crawl more efficiently
  38. Boca Raton SEO Yoast – Internal Links !   Breadcrumbs

    !   Home>Services>Internet Marketing>SEO>Boca Raton !   Helps your site be navigable better, but it adds links. !   Recommend less than 100 links per page.
  39. Boca Raton SEO Yoast-RSS !   Allows you to add

    HTML before each post on the RSS feeds. !   Anybody that is syndicating your content will then also publish it with your link back to the original source !   Doing two things, Creating Backlinks and telling the search engines the original source
  40. Boca Raton SEO Yoast-Import & Export !   If not

    using Yoast you can still important from a number of different SEO plugins. !   All-In-One !   Head Space 2 ! WooThemes SEO Framework
  41. Boca Raton SEO Yoast-Edit Files !   Not edit the

    plugin structure ! Robots.txt !   Tells engines what not to search !   .htaccess file !   Controls what gets displayed and handles redirects
  42. Boca Raton SEO Yoast – OnPage

  43. Boca Raton SEO Yoast - OnPage General !   Snippet

    Preview – How Google will show it !   Focus Keyword – Your main keyword !   SEO Title !   Meta Description !   Meta Keywords (if enabled)
  44. Boca Raton SEO Yoast – OnPage Page Analysis ! Linkdex

    analysis of the content, very useful to determine if your content is readable and if the density of your keywords is good.
  45. Boca Raton SEO Yoast – OnPage Advanced !   Index/No-Index

    !   Follow/No-Follow !   Include in Sitemap? !   Sitemap Priority? – New Content should get priority !   Canonical or 301 Redirects
  46. Boca Raton SEO Yoast – OnPage Social !   Facebook

    Description of Page !   Google+ Description of Page !   If someone shares your content what description will they see? Tailor it to each social network for higher conversion.
  47. Boca Raton SEO Alcantara Media SEO Secret Tip #5 Keep

    Calm and Send Everything Over L
  48. Boca Raton SEO !   PCI-Level 1 Complaint Gateway !

      Custom Merchant Account !   Custom Merchant Fees – No Gorilla Is The Same !   Excellent Reseller Program for Media Companies
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  50. Boca Raton SEO Please Rate Me! J !   Your

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  51. Boca Raton SEO Q/A – 15 Minutes !   Questions

    about SEO? !   We’ll then, let’s a go!