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Progress Engine

Alexey Poimtsev
November 29, 2013

Progress Engine

Company's portfolio

Alexey Poimtsev

November 29, 2013

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  1. We realize complex technical solutions with a product approach We

    are a company with 8 years of experience in successfully developing services, complex technical projects and a product approach. With the growth of orders from Europe, we opened a European legal entity in Poland. Our expertise: • Our profile — highly loaded services, web applications, personal accounts, native applications for Android and iOS • We have more than 70 cases in creating products and bringing them to market • High level of developers (senior) and their experience ensures the speed and quality of project implementation Key points in our collaboration: • We make estimates and prepare a timeline for the development process • We have the resources and we immediately form a team to get started • We move sprints according to a predetermined schedule, make and show the customer a system of implemented blocks • We use autotests with mandatory manual code testing • We transfer all rights to the code after each sprint Analytics Engineering and design Development Technical support
  2. Awards Tagline Awards 2019 “Bronze” in the nominations “Best Mobile

    MVP-App” and “Best Mobile Service” – Park Cloud WADLINE SPRING AWARDS WINNER 2020 with case VIASAT Progress Engine has been featured in the global developer agency report “Q2 2020 report” of DevQuarterly
  3. Azbo UX/UI Development Our goal was to adapt the current

    iOS application of the tourist offline guide for Android with improvements in UX and UI.
  4. Frau (Bolear company) We’ve developed an application that helps the

    user monitor his health and reminds him of what he needs to do to save it. We carried out complex work on the product from analytics, which is necessary before launching the product, to development. Product UX/UI Development • idea development • analytics collection requirements • competitor analysis • marketing research • concept development • niche definition • definition of development dynamics • development of unique features
  5. Park Cloud We’ve developed a cloud-based online service for managing

    and monetizing parking spaces. The goal is to link parking owners and car owners: to enable parking owners to use the full capacity of their parking lots, and car owners to use commercial parking lots on favorable terms. We carried out a comprehensive work from analytics (development of a concept in three blocks: customers, park owners and owners of the Park Cloud application) to creating the application’s corporate identity, design, development and integration with hardware (cameras, barriers, etc.) Product UX/UI Development
  6. Muz-TV We analyzed and optimized a ready-made mobile application for

    the TV channel. We continue to cooperate with Muz-TV and develop the mobile application: we are engaged in code analysis, technical support and bug fixes. In addition, we make analytics for the application: we work with the concept, application development strategy and reviews. Product UX/UI Development
  7. Development of service for company’s employees: cleaners, maintenance services The

    mobile application is for employees themselves, optimizing their work with the help of checklists and more thorough control by the management. Web service for HR employees, managers and directors. The service helps to facilitate control over the tasks of employees. • Analytics: - in-depth interview - full development of concept - work with the product - participation in the development of company strategy • Backend on Ruby on Rails, frontend on React Native (iOS, Android) • Design Product UX/UI Development
  8. Mobile application development for coworking network clients The user has

    the opportunity to get acquainted with coworking services, purchase a subscription or book a meeting room, as well as be aware of all the news of the workspace. • Analytics: - analytics collection requirements - application concept development - competitor analysis • Getting started developing applications for iOS and Android on React Native Product UX/UI Development
  9. GRAD Touch Montage It was necessary to develop a promotional

    application for the GRAD gallery in London. We developed the Touch Montage app, which allows to create video from photos. Product UX/UI Development
  10. URRAA The service didn’t have a mobile application and they

    lost customers who prefer smartphones. We’ve developed mobile applications that allow to create online store, add products, communicate with customers and close deals using a smartphone. Development
  11. CTIGames It was necessary to develop a new design and

    game processes for the corporate gaming platform. We wrote scripts and developed a design for the company's games. UX/UI Development
  12. Abracadabra There was only an idea: to create a service

    that helps you quickly find a translator using your smartphone. We developed a product: a mobile application that instantly contacts an interpreter. The startup was successfully launched. Product UX/UI Development
  13. YouDo We redesigned apps for iOS and Android and added

    new features there. This increased user engagement and app ratings on the App Store and Google Play. Development The application was included in the App Store "Best of 2017".
  14. Mobile banking application for Mezhtopenergobank We took a ready-made application

    to work, optimized it and improved its performance. Development
  15. Web versions of some games for ZeptoLab We made HTML5

    versions of mobile games which are used in special projects and as demos on game websites. Development
  16. Quest location management system for Claustrophobia: Arcade Product Development The

    company needed to implement a game management system for a new project. We’ve developed a gaming room management system that allows to monitor the progress of playing teams, collect statistics and manage all game processes. This system optimized the company's business processes.
  17. Martini Art Love Development It was necessary to launch a

    promotional website for the Martini Art Love festival as soon as possible. We developed the site, launched it and set up integration with social networks. The promotion campaign was successful.
  18. National Settlement Depository (Moscow Exchange Group) The company works with

    the Redmine web application for project and task management. It turned out that the functionality of the application is insufficient to solve internal problems. We developed plugins for Redmine and helped optimize the company's internal business processes. Development
  19. Device sales analytics system by region for HighScreen The manufacturer

    of mobile phones didn’t have information on phone activations. Unscrupulous distributors used this for fraud. We’ve developed an activation system which is built into the firmware of mobile phones, it informs the manufacturer about the activation of devices. Fraud declined significantly. Development
  20. Development of OTT platform for Viasat The platform had a

    number of serious functional limitations. We completely rewrote the platform from scratch, it has become more stable and ready for high loads. The client was able to introduce new features that were delayed due to limitations of the previous version. Development
  21. Mobile application for top managers of Home Credit Bank Backend

    development of the application for integration with bank systems and obtaining information from them: it was difficult for top managers to control sales of credit products. The company sells them in different regions, it’s important to quickly get statistics. The app helps managers to see sales downturns and solve problems as quickly as possible. Development
  22. STS. The second screen Development The platform worked unstably under

    heavy loads. The company’s management was worried about this, since within several months it was expected to launch several new TV projects that would cause a multiple increase in the load. We optimized the code and rewrote a number of components. In two months, the platform’s productivity increased 40 times - from 3,000 to 120,000 requests per second. We continued to work on the platform and participated in its development.
  23. SDK for paying parking for Yandex.Money It was necessary to

    develop an SDK to pay for parking lots in order to integrate it into company’s applications and other applications. We’ve created the SDK, which is ready for implementation.