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Continuous Delivery, PechaKucha

Continuous Delivery, PechaKucha

My smalltalk about continuous delivery about Continuous Delivery.

Alexander Beletsky

November 15, 2012

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  1. Continuous Delivery PechaKucha, Kyiv 2012

  2. Web (literally) has changed the world

  3. None
  4. None
  5. compilers linkers deployers ?

  6. Manual code deployment by one guy in a team


  8. Continuous Integration + Deployment Script = LOVE

  9. deployment pipeline

  10. “ Continuous Delivery is a way of quick and reliable

    switch between different versions of application in production environment “
  11. ingredients continuous integration automated testing configuration management

  12. Developers vs. Operations

  13. Building Continuous Delivery system could be hard and slow process...

  14. Tools

  15. Architecture

  16. Virtualize

  17. Technologies

  18. PaaS

  19. Who is using?

  20. Thanks, @alexbeletsky