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Cloud Literacy for the Enterprise - Cloud Expo

Cloud Literacy for the Enterprise - Cloud Expo

Digital transformation is about embracing digital technologies into a company's culture to better connect with its customers, automate processes, create better tools, enter new markets, etc. Such a transformation requires continuous orchestration across teams and an environment based on open collaboration and daily experiments.

This talk will explore and discuss the most urgent unsolved challenges to achieve full cloud literacy in the enterprise world.


Alex Casalboni

October 31, 2017


  1. Cloud Literacy for the Enterprise How to achieve full

    cloud literacy in the enterprise world? 11/1/2017
  2. About Me @alex_casalboni Master in Computer Science Sr. SoDware

    Engineer & Web Developer Cloud Evangelist @ Cloud Academy Serverless Enthusiast
  3. Cloud Literacy Global Trends Unsolved Challenges The role of EducaNon

  4. Cloud Literacy What is Cloud Literacy exactly?

  5. What is a “Cloud”?

  6. What’s “Literacy"?

  7. What’s “Cloud Literacy"? A specializaNon of “Digital Literacy” It’s

    a moving target Not limited to engineers/developers It’s connected to knowledge and culture
  8. Global Trends What’s going on up in the Clouds?

  9. Who’s NOT using the Cloud?

  10. MulN-Cloud is the new normal

  11. Side note on “Hybrid Clouds”

  12. IT PrioriNes are evolving

  13. How do you even MulN-Cloud? Source: Hashicorp - Enabling Cloud

  14. How do you even MulN-Cloud? Source: Hashicorp - Enabling Cloud

  15. Unsolved Challenges What is slowing down Cloud Literacy?

  16. What are the root causes? Heterogeneity (complexity) Lack of real-Nme

    service discovery Lack of automaNon (IaC) Lack of agnosNc tools (vendor independent) No perimeter-based security anymore
  17. Cloud Challenges are evolving too

  18. Cloud Challenges are evolving too

  19. One does not simply “Hire more Cloud Experts” 42% of

    US/UK businesses are looking to hire for Cloud Compu@ng skills 43% of these companies say they struggle to find candidates with Cloud Compu@ng skills
  20. The Lack of Skills dominates

  21. Focus on company culture and skills Skills rapidly become obsolete

    Training has never been more important
  22. No Cloud, No Party “71% of IT decision makers report

    that their organiza@ons have lost revenue* due to a lack of cloud exper@se.” [Rackspace] * 5% of global revenue
  23. The role of EducaNon How to fill the lack of

    skills and exper>se?
  24. When should you stop learning? “Lifelong learning is becoming an

    economic impera@ve” [The Economist]
  25. What should you learn next? “70% of the technical skills

    jobs require today become obsolete with 5 years” [LinkedIn Research]
  26. What should Cloud educaNon look like? ConNnuous Learning Learn by

    doing (pracNcal skills) Self-paced Learning Vendor-neutral Learning Periodic skills assessment
  27. Cloud Academy’s Mission

  28. Self-paced Learning

  29. Skills Assessment

  30. Learn by doing

  31. Vendor-neutral Learning

  32. Who’s learning with us?

  33. A taste of our Library

  34. Try it for free!

  35. Thank you Q & A 11/1/2017