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Serverless: State of the Union - AWS Loft @ Johannesburg

Serverless: State of the Union - AWS Loft @ Johannesburg

Serverless computing allows you to build and run applications without the need for provisioning or managing servers. It means that you can build web, mobile, and IoT backends, run stream processing or big data workloads, build chatbots, run code at the edge, and much more. This session will showcase what's new in the serverless world, with real-world examples and demonstrations of some of the newest services and features.

Alex Casalboni

March 18, 2019

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  1. Serverless: State of the Union Alex Casalboni – Technical Evangelist,

    AWS | @alex_casalboni © 2019, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved.
  2. 1PM – 3PM (workshop room) Build your first serverless web

    application on AWS 3PM – 5PM (workshop room) DevOps Best Practices in a Serverless World (workshop) 6PM – 8PM (Entelect) AWS User Group (repeats) - meetup.com/AWS-JOZI Happening later today…
  3. Tomorrow Containers: State of the Union Service Mesh Explained ECS

    & Fargate Deep Dive Wednesday AWS Step Functions Deep Dive Choosing the right database for the right applications in 2019 Building A Machine Learning Powered GeoLocation with SageMaker & Lambda Friday GameDay Best-of-this-week repeats Happening later this week at the Loft…
  4. The serverless operational model No provisioning, no management Pay for

    value Automatic scaling Highly available and secure
  5. Focus on differentiators “Installing, configuring, and managing my compute infrastructure

    is critical to achieving my goals.” “Having a standardized, flexible, and on-demand compute environment is critical to achieving my goals.”
  6. AWS serverless portfolio COMPUTE AND DATASTORES AWS Lambda AWS Fargate

    Amazon API Gateway Amazon SNS Amazon MQ Amazon SQS AWS Step Functions APPLICATION INTEGRATION DEVELOPER TOOLS SECURITY AND ADMINISTRATION Amazon Aurora Serverless Amazon S3 Amazon DynamoDB AWS AppSync AWS IAM Amazon Cognito Amazon Inspector Amazon VPC Amazon GuardDuty AWS CloudFormation AWS Cloud9 AWS CloudTrail Amazon CloudWatch AWS X-Ray AWS CodePipeline AWS Config AWS SSO AWS Shield AWS WAF Amazon Kinesis AWS Serverless Application Repository
  7. Emerging serverless maturity model AUGMENT INFRASTRUCTURE • Cron jobs •

    Simple automation • Extend AWS services AUXILIARY APPLICATIONS • Internal microservices • Streaming analytics • Back office workflows BUSINESS CRITICAL APPLICATIONS • Time-sensitive processing • User facing services • IoT workflows • Critical data workflows
  8. processes 4,000 requests per second ingests, analyzes and stores 17+

    petabytes of data per season processes half a trillion validations of stock trades daily executes 16 million requests a month processes tens of billions of data points monthly Serverless at scale is the new norm API to register and license more than 47 million driver records in UK
  9. What drives our priorities? Excelling in service fundamentals Availability, latency,

    security, scale and associated controls Enabling new application development patterns New patterns through events, workflows, functions, and APIs Minimizing undifferentiated code Eliminating duplicate code, increase reuse Empowering serverless developers and operations Meet developers and operations where they are, lead them where they need to be
  10. Service fundamentals: 2018 recap Enhanced compliance regime ü FEDRAMP for

    API Gateway and Lambda ü HIPAA for Step Functions, Serverless Application Repository ü GDPR for all services Scale, availability, and pricing improvements ü AWS Lambda SLA (99.95%), API Gateway SLA (99.95%) ü API Gateway tiered pricing (as low as $1.51/million) ü Increased Step Functions throughput (1,000 transitions/sec) aws.amazon.com/compliance aws.amazon.com/lambda/sla - aws.amazon.com/api-gateway/sla
  11. Launch : Lambda with FireCracker Security Lightweight container encapsulated with

    VM barrier and strong process isolation Greater efficiency Speed by design Accelerates kernel loading to reduce cold start times (150 microVMs/second) More processes can be run per instance and more efficient use of compute resources. firecracker-microvm.io
  12. New application patterns: 2018 recap Better event integrations ü SQS

    as an event source for Lambda ü Kinesis fanout improvements – up to 20 Lambda consumers ü 5X faster reads from Kinesis to AWS Lambda Increased limits ü 15 minute timeout (3x) ü Increase maximum payload size of asynchronous events to 256KB Richer API controls • Private APIs • Increased API limits • Granular resource policies • Cross account authorizers
  13. © 2017, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All

    rights reserved. API Gateway Connectivity To From Internet Regional AWS Service Customer VPC Customer VPC Internet Regional AWS Service Core Service (Edge-optimized, public integrations) Private VPC Regional Endpoints Regional Endpoints +Private VPC Private APIs
  14. Launch: richer workflows Simplify building workloads such as order processing,

    report generation, and data analysis Add services in minutes Write and maintain less code AWS Step Functions AWS Lambda Amazon ECS AWS Fargate AWS Batch Amazon SageMaker AWS Glue Amazon DynamoDB Amazon SNS Amazon SQS
  15. Simpler integration, less code With serverless polling With new service

    integration AWS Lambda functions No Lambda functions
  16. Launch: ALB integration with Lambda Enables easier transition from existing

    compute stacks Mix and match compute options to build your backends Robust load balancer controls (health checks, programmable rules engine, traffic shaping) Amazon ALB Amazon EC2 AWS Fargate AWS Lambda
  17. Launch: serverless websockets Build real-time two-way communication apps (chat, dashboards,

    etc.) Handle connections and messages transfer between users and backend services
  18. Launch: Lambda Layers Easily share code Upload layer once, reference

    within any function Promote separation of responsibilities Built-in support for secure sharing by ecosystem
  19. Launch: composable apps (SAR) Deploy new architectures as a set

    of serverless apps (nesting) Foster best organizational practices and reduce duplication of effort Share components, modules and full applications privately or publicly to improve agility
  20. Developers & operations: 2018 recap Better language selection ü Added

    support for Go, Node 8, .NET core 2.1, Powershell and Python 3.7 Streamlined developer tooling ü One-click API Gateway endpoint creation via console ü SAM CLI (open source) ü Go debugger ü SAR enhanced search ü SAR support for IAM, SQS, Step Functions, Glue, Route53 and more Powerful controls ü API Gateway developer portal (available in SAR & GitHub) ü API Gateway WAF integration ü API Gateway X-Ray support
  21. New: Custom Runtimes Bring any Linux-compatible language runtime Powered by

    new Runtime API Already powering Ruby support More runtimes from partners (PHP and Erlang) Runtimes distributed as “layers” Layers Rule Stack
  22. Launch: cross toolchain app view Application Views on the Lambda

    Console - view and monitor all resources of the same app New IDE toolkits for IntelliJ, PyCharm, and VS Code
  23. Preview : S3 Batch Operations Amazon S3 Lambda Function Lambda

    Function Lambda Function Lambda Function Lambda Function Lambda Function Lambda Function Lambda Function Lambda Function
  24. Thank you! * Alex Casalboni – Technical Evangelist, AWS |

    @alex_casalboni © 2019, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved.
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