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Introducing Flutter @ GDG Tbilisi

Introducing Flutter @ GDG Tbilisi

Flutter is Google’s mobile app SDK for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time. Flutter works with existing code, is used by developers and organizations around the world, and is a free and open source.

Flutter will be introduced by Google Developer Expert in Android – Alex Korovyansky.
Alex is a co-founder of Effective agency and leads large-scale outsource team creating digital solutions for startups and enterprise businesses around the globe.


Alex Korovyansky

September 18, 2018


  1. Confidential + Proprietary Alex Korovyansky Flutter Build beautiful native apps

    in record time
  2. “To the metal” approaches “Cross platform” approaches Must fund two

    apps Two teams, codebases, & investments Inconsistent brand, features Different across devices & OEMs Poor Performance Slow, jerky, unpredictable Non-Native Look/Feel Users can tell the difference High-quality apps Platform and system integrations Fast development Quick iterations, hot reload High-performance UIs Native code, GPU accelerated Portability, reach Single codebase Challenges of mobile development today
  3. Confidential + Proprietary ” Flutter combines native performance and quality

    with high-velocity development and multi-platform reach. “ Flutter offers the best of both worlds
  4. What’s Flutter?

  5. Confidential + Proprietary A SDK that makes building high-performing, modern

    and beautiful apps easy UI layer written on Dart, works for both Android and iOS An open-source toolkit, developed by Google* 100+ contributions from the open source community What’s Flutter? * Currently in Release Preview 1
  6. Confidential + Proprietary Flutter vs React Native Flutter React Native

  7. Confidential + Proprietary Flutter Architecture Framework (Dart) Engine (C++) Skia

    Dart Text Material Cupertino Widgets Rendering Animation Painting Gestures Foundation Flutter app (client) State MethodChannel FlutterMethodChannel MethodChannel iOS host Android host AppDelegate Activity FlutterViewController FlutterView iOS Platform APIs 3rd-Party APIs for iOS Android Platform APIs 3rd-Party APIs for Android
  8. Quick DEMO

  9. Confidential + Proprietary The power of custom render • Hot

    reload is a magic comparing with Instant Run • Efficient tooling (Flutter inspector, doctor, tests and more) • Develop stunning MVP for entire audience in days instead of months • Support of both platforms (iOS and Android) • Say goodbye to the biggest Android developers pitfalls
  10. Confidential + Proprietary Goodbye the biggest Android architecture pitfalls •

    IMO, crazy app lifecycle and splitted/fragmented responsibility of keeping the UI/app state is the biggest architecture pitfall in the Android framework • Flutter brings the application state back to a developer and gives a lot of power to deal with the state in a reactive manner • Also, Flutter tests is a gift comparing with instrumentation/unit testing
  11. Confidential + Proprietary Goodbye UI fragmentation

  12. • Open source (250+ contributors), BSD licensed • 1,100+ other

    packages in repository • 24,000+ Github stars • 500+ apps in Play Store •,,, and more Ecosystem and community
  13. A gallery of widgets and behaviors, plus demos and vignettes,

    all built with Flutter. With the entire sources available on the official Flutter GitHub “ ”
  14. Hamilton launched as a featured app on iOS and Android

    within three months of us writing our first line of Flutter code. David DeRemer Co-Founder, Posse “ ”
  15. One more DEMO

  16. Learn more

  17. Travel to DevFests this fall • Nov 3 - GDG

    DevFest South (Rostov-on-Don) - • Nov 11 - GDG DevFest Another South (Krasnodar) - • Nov 23-25 - GDG DevFest Siberia (Novosibirsk) – • Ping me ( to learn more!
  18. Thank you! @AlexKorovyansky