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Why do we need Flutter?

Why do we need Flutter?

Overview of key advantages of Flutter UI framework supplied with a demo project.


Alex Korovyansky

August 04, 2018


  1. Confidential + Proprietary Alex Korovyansky Flutter Build beautiful native apps

    in record time
  2. “To the metal” approaches “Cross platform” approaches Must fund two

    apps Two teams, codebases, & investments Inconsistent brand, features Different across devices & OEMs Poor Performance Slow, jerky, unpredictable Non-Native Look/Feel Users can tell the difference High-quality apps Platform and system integrations Fast development Quick iterations, hot reload High-performance UIs Native code, GPU accelerated Portability, reach Single codebase Challenges of mobile development today
  3. Confidential + Proprietary ” Flutter combines native performance and quality

    with high-velocity development and multi-platform reach. “ Flutter offers the best of both worlds
  4. Confidential + Proprietary A SDK that makes building high-performing, modern

    and beautiful apps easy UI layer written on Dart, works for both Android and iOS An open-source toolkit, developed by Google* 100+ contributions from the open source community What’s Flutter? * Currently in Release Preview 1
  5. Architecture

  6. Confidential + Proprietary Flutter is a modern UI toolkit for

    native apps Framework (Dart) Engine (C++) Skia Dart Text Material Cupertino Widgets Rendering Animation Painting Gestures Foundation Flutter app (client) State MethodChannel FlutterMethodChannel MethodChannel iOS host Android host AppDelegate Activity FlutterViewController FlutterView iOS Platform APIs 3rd-Party APIs for iOS Android Platform APIs 3rd-Party APIs for Android
  7. Flutter Widget Tree R e n d e r Canvas

    Events Application Platform
  8. React Native Compare Update Platform Widgets Virtual Widgets Application Platform

    R e n d e r Canvas Events
  9. The Power of Widgets

  10. Everything is a Widget

  11. Goodbye, global layout system new Center( child: new Text('Centered Text',

    style: textStyle), ) Local layouts: Every Widget defines it’s own layout. No need to tell the parent that it’s children are supposed to be centered.
  12. Customizing and extending Widgets Flutter’s Widget system was designed to

    be easily customizable Composition: Widgets are built out of smaller widgets that you can reuse and combine in novel ways to make custom widgets class RaisedButton extends StatelessWidget { ... }
  13. High-velocity development

  14. Efficient tooling Hot stateful reload (magic) Support of dart ecosystem

    Support of Firebase and other libraries Support of all popular IDEs 3X Productivity Gains High-velocity development
  15. DEMO

  16. • 1,100+ other packages in repository • 24,000+ Github stars

    • 500+ apps in Play Store •,,, and more • Open source (250+ contributors), BSD license Ecosystem and community
  17. Hamilton launched as a featured app on iOS and Android

    within three months of us writing our first line of Flutter code. David DeRemer Co-Founder, Posse “ ”
  18. Full frame is great, use a scrim for text.

  19. • Flutter Study Jam • GDG Omsk @ Meetup • Learn more
  20. Thank you!