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Muhammad Alif Akbar
September 28, 2018


Muhammad Alif Akbar

September 28, 2018


  1. Timeline 4 Aug, 2013 Aug, 2017 Sep, 2017 Apr, 2018

    Got Into College - SMK Graduates - Can’t code a f*ck Graduate College - Join competitions, Lose >> Win - Start a new Lab, Motion Lab First Job (BE) - Hired by Xtremax - Signed contract 2 weeks before graduate Second Job (App Dev) - Hired by Bukalapak - Became an ESL and Interviewer in 5 months
  2. 3. Full Time is 9 hour (8 hour to work

    + 1 hour to break) You’re expected to spend 9 hour in regular offices
  3. 5. Understand Financial Jargon Calculate & report TAX, Provident &

    Pension fund, Life-Health insurance, Inflation & Deflation, etc..
  4. 6. Budget My Spending No matter how much i made

    each month, it always seems never enough
  5. 9. Relationship and Professionalism Inseparable, but do try to separate.

    Know when to stop crossing the boundaries. F.O.R.D (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dream)
  6. 10. How to Share My Limited Time & Energy Human

    are social creature, we LOVE to and NEED to share. Do charity or social activity
  7. 11. How to had a clear Goals & Plans Also

    remember Goals and Plans tends to mismatch. When it happens just UPDATE the plans or goals
  8. 12. How to find a Suitable Mentor The world is

    a super difficult game, with only 1 life to try. But, nowadays there is always someone else has been there before
  9. 13. Higher Education does Lead to Higher Paycheck But does

    the additional paycheck worth the price of education ?
  10. “ 20 It’s o t fu t a yo ’re

    id . It’s re in h pa t a ma y u o s.