Automate your mobile projects from A to Z

Automate your mobile projects from A to Z

This is a conference I gave at DevFest Nantes to present an overview of all the tools available to automate all phases of an iOS project, from creation to delivery, and sharing generated assets and resources and code with Android along the way.


During the life of a project, there are a LOT of tasks quite repetitive and time-consuming. But not all people know how much those steps can all be automated!

With this session you'll have an overview of which tools and techniques can be useful to automate various steps of the lifetime of your project, including:

- the creation and configuration of your Xcode project, its build settings and build phases
- its initial structure to be ready for the architecture of your choice
- the configuration of Fabric & Crashlytics & 3rd party libraries
- internationalising & localising your strings and sharing them with the counterpart Android project
- maintaining constants for all your resources
- generating your database model, and sharing with the counterpart Android project
- generating repetitive code
- doing Code Reviews & commenting on common mistakes on Pull Requests
- running your tests
- automating AppStore submission (binary & metadata automation)



October 18, 2018