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Ocelot Pluggable Gateway

Ocelot Pluggable Gateway

Ocelot is a pluggable gateway that you could install on top of ASP.net core project. This presentation presents a basic use-case of API gateways and how Ocelot is a perfect API Gateway for financial organizations.

Allan Chua

May 12, 2019

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  1. Products API Customers API Transactions API Consumers face a lot

    of challenges Orders API Deliveries API o X X ___
  2. Multiple Retrieval + Attack Points 0 0 0 0 ___

    Multiple Domain Names, SSL Certs and CORS http://foo.com http://bar.com http://ses.com Authentication Hell Client-side Issues
  3. Products API Authentication Rate Limiting Logging Orders API Authentication Rate

    Limiting Caching Transactions API Authentication Logging Caching Clients / Consumers Inconsistencies and Duplications
  4. Products API Customers API Transactions API Orders API Deliveries API

    Stocks API API Gateway API Gateway to the Rescue
  5. Proxying is one of the jobs of a gateway. API

    Gateway Authentication Rate Limiting Logging Reverse Proxy Caching Monitoring Tracing Authorization Authorization
  6. Centralized Cross Cutting Concerns API Gateway - Logging - Authentication

    - Rate Limiting / QOS - Licensing - Monitoring - Tracing
  7. Consumer ASIA Europe Products Transactions Users Latency of 55 MS

    55 MS x 3 = 165 MS Total Response Time W/O Gateway
  8. Consumer API Gateway ASIA Europe Products Transactions Users Latency of

    55 MS Latency of 2 MS With Gateway Asia to EU = 55 MS EU to EU = 2 MS x 3 instances TOTAL Response Time = 61 MS
  9. Public / Private APIs API Gateway Orders API Stocks API

    Products API A C B A B A B PUBLIC PRIVATE Jobs E D C D C D
  10. Ocelot API Gateway - Designed for .NET Core - ASP.net

    Core Add-on Install-Package Ocelot https://bit.ly/2JptJBR
  11. Advantages of using Ocelot - Open source (Free) - Flexible

    - On-Premise - Cloud - Compliance Friendly - Easy to Migrate
  12. Feature Packed - Reverse Proxy - Response Aggregation - Service

    Discovery - Consul - Eureka - Kubernetes - Authentication / Authorization - Rate Limiting - Caching - QOS via Polly - Logging - Tracing
  13. Links - (API Gateway Comparables) - https://bit.ly/2KU1YCL - (API Gateway

    in a Nutshell) - https://bit.ly/2O4IbAU - (Ocelot Compose Demo) - https://bit.ly/30e98Fx - (Ocelot Documentation) - https://bit.ly/2KpUBCI - (Speaker Deck) - https://bit.ly/2HmVKq1